Friday, January 14, 2011

Meetings Part II -- 12

I told you I would post by the end of the week! Sorry about the wait guys, have been extremely busy.  Hopefully will be able to get the next chapter up early next week! Comments are always a blessing & they certainly help motivate me!

Just as Amelie was in the middle of thinking back to Jordan’s kiss, her office door opened and Shawn Horcoff limped in.  Amelie jumped in her chair and quickly stood up and helped him into a chair even though Shawn gave her a dirty look for helping him.
“So kiddo I heard some dirty stories about you from Whit.” Shawn gave Amelie a smirk as she was going through her files to get Shawn’s.  When he spoke she froze and slowly turned her head to look at him while a blush started creeping onto her cheeks.
“Seriously? It was Whitney that saw us? Oh my gosh no wonder everyone knows!” Amelie’s eyes widened as she stared at Shawn as everything started sinking in.  Shawn watched her for a moment as the realization started to dawn on her about how much ribbing she was going to take.  Then he burst out laughing as she sat down in her chair with a thump.
“Oh my I wonder how much crap Jordan is taking.” Amelie looked over at Shawn with wide eyes as he had a big shit eating grin on his face.
“Oh he is getting his fair share of it.” Shawn smiled as he opened the folder that she had set in front of him.
“Please have someone take a video.” Amelie started laughing as Shawn lifted his head to stare at her before laughing with Amelie.  He finished looking through the folder before closing it and sliding it back across the desk to Amelie who set it on top of Andrew’s that she had left sitting on the desk.
“I will make sure we have lots of photos and video of the rook getting ribbed.” Shawn winked at Amelie before hobbling out the door, leaving it cracked so Amelie wouldn’t have any more surprises at her door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After her appointment with Theo, who although they didn’t know each other that well, had also teased Amelie about her excursion with Jordan in the hallway, Amelie had a little bit of time to herself which she used to have a quick snack and prepare herself for her next interview.
“Knock knock LoverGirl.” A voice chuckled from outside her door and Amelie let out a loud groan as Ryan Whitney poked his head through the door with a huge smirk plastered on his face that seemed to grow when he heard her dramatic groan.
“Hello Mr. Whitney.  I heard you were spying on your fellow teammates.” Amelie grinned trying to stay one step ahead of him because she knew that if she didn’t then she was going to be buried by his teasing.
“Not my fault I was headed to speak with our GM and there happened to be two kids getting dirty in the hallway.  It almost burned my poor eyeballs.  I’m not used to young love anymore.” Ryan laughed as Amelie shook her head while smiling and offered him a seat while reaching for his file, which he quickly went through before handing it back to her.
“Seriously Ryan? Your awful.” Amelie laughed as she put Ryan’s folder on top of the others.  Ryan chuckled and stood up before leaning over to pat Amelie on the shoulder.
“It’s okay kid, your boyfriend is taking the brunt of it.” Ryan winked at her which caused Amelie to giggle even harder before he walked out of the office.
“I wonder how poor Jordan is taking all this.” Amelie spoke out loud to herself as she got the rest of the folders ready.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey Ebs your girlfriend certainly isn’t feeling your pain.  She was giggling her head off as I told her all the shit we were giving you.” Ryan’s voice boomed through the arena as he jumped on the ice and glided towards Jordan, who was taking shots at an empty net.  Jordan turned and glared at him before turning back to take another shot.
“Gee Whit why don’t you just tell her everything that goes on around here.  Did you tell her about the Heart Candies that were left in my locker stall too?” Jordan spoke after he had taken a shot that hit the crossbar and ricocheted high into the air.
“Nope I figured I would leave some things for you to tell her.  Trust me rookie I’m not as awful as you think.” Ryan chuckled as he took a quick shot that went squarely into the net.
“You sure about that?” Jordan chuckled before he turned and started skating slow laps around the rink.   As he skated around some of the guys made catcalls and whistles, to which Jordan just held up his middle finger.  He didn’t know how many times he had skated around before Tom Gilbert came up to him and gave him a tap with his stick.
“Hey kid your girlfriend is waiting for you upstairs.” Tom winked at him as Jordan gave him a dirty look before skating to the door and getting off the ice.  He headed for the locker room and took off his skates and gear.  He through on a pair of shorts and a tshirt before heading upstairs to meet Amelie.  Hopefully she wasn’t going to hate him because of all the guys’ teasing.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Amelie jumped up and swung open the door as a tentative knock came.  She knew who it was going to be and she hoped she didn’t seem too eager.  She had quickly fixed her hair and touched up her makeup the minute Tom Gilbert had walked out of her office and now she didn’t know why she had made such a fuss.  Jordan was still the same person he had been before he had kissed her.
“Hey Jordan.  Come on in.” Amelie smiled as Jordan stood leaning on the doorframe.  He was still sweating but he had changed into normal clothes.  Amelie had to turn around and walk back towards her desk because just looking at him standing there in all his glory made her want to kiss him badly.
“Hey Aims.  I heard you had some issues today.  I hope they weren’t too horrible.” Jordan said apologetically as he walked in and closed the door before taking a seat in the chair across from her desk.
“It’s okay.  They were mostly telling me about how you were getting the worst of it.” Amelie giggled as Jordan shook his head and smiled before flipping through his file.
Amelie studied him as he looked at the folder.  His hair was sticking up all over and it made Amelie want to run her hands through it.  His face was slightly flushed from his workout and from being in the cold rink.  It made Amelie want to kiss him all over.  Amelie mentally shook herself and smiled.  Wow she was acting like a total idiot.
“This looks fine.” Jordan said as he closed the folder and slid it back across to Amelie who seemed to be spaced off in her own little world.  She shook slightly and stared at him with wide eyes before reaching over and taking the folder.
“Alright, I figured that but I always like to make sure a second set of eyes checks.” Amelie smiled as Jordan stood and stretched before walking towards the door.  Suddenly before she could stop herself Amelie ran around her desk and up to him.  She leaned up and grabbed his face in her hands and quickly pulled him down so she could kiss him.  Jordan smiled against her mouth and put his hands on her waist, pulling her closer still.  Amelie let go of his face and ran her hands through his hair before stepping back slightly to let Jordan leave.  If she didn’t, she was going to end up having sex with him on her office desk and she didn’t think that would go over well with her boss.  Jordan smiled down at her as if he knew what she was thinking and headed out the door.
“Now we are even.” Amelie giggled and winked at him as he closed the door and Amelie saw a smile light up his face before the door closed behind him.

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Bah! I'm taking forever aren't I? I promise I will have the next part up by the end of this week.
I'm in the middle of studying for exams so I'm preoccupied, but I'm still writing furiously when I can to try and get the next part done ... It's almost halfway done.  I'm hoping it comes out as amusing as it sounds in my head LOL.

In other news...

Jordan got hurt *cries* and then while nursing a sprained ankle he had to be rushed to hospital to have an emergency appendictomy...ouch

Canada epically failed and lost the World Juniors *hysterically sobs* that was pretty heartbreaking

The Maple Leafs have won three in a row *faints* it's hard to believe...I hate having my "home team" being
so epically awful, but that's life

The lastest episode of Oil Change (it's a documentary on the Edmonton Oilers for those of you who haven't seen it) had a tour of Jordan Eberle & Taylor Hall's new condo ... was pretty funny ... you can watch it on the Edmonton Oiler's website

Well I think that's it for my random update for now ... coming very soon with the next chapter !

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Meetings Part I -- 12

Gah! I know this is totally short, that's why I'm making this chapter a multiple post.  I wanted to get a post up but I was totally having a meltdown as to what to write about so here is a start.  I got motivated to get this much down by the photo I'm including at the end of this post lol.  Please comment! If you have any suggestions or tips please don't hesitate to let me know!  Oh and Happy New Year everyone!
Winter Classic tonight ! I'm becoming an honourary Penguins fan tonight! LOL

“So he kissed you!? What was it like? Was their tongue involved?” Isabelle grilled her best friend after Amelie had told her what had happened today while they were making dinner.
“Isabelle!  No there was not tongue involved!” Amelie shrieked as she almost dropped the salad bowl.  Tyler started laughing loudly from the other room which caused Amelie to blush and glare at Belle.
“That sucks hon.  Was he good though?” Belle asked as she sliced the homemade bread while winking at Amelie across the island counter.
“He was amazing but Belle you make it sound like I had sex with him in the middle of the hallway.” Amelie giggled as she set the salad on the table and turned to get the vegetables from beside the oven.
“You had sex with someone in the middle of the hallway?” Tyler blurted out as he leaned on the doorframe between the kitchen and the living room.  Amelie spun around and glared at him before chucking a bean at him from the bowl in her hand.  He easily ducked the flying object and stepped behind Isabelle as both of them giggled.
“Yes Tyler I totally had sex with Jordan fucking Eberle in the middle of the hallway at Rexall today.” Amelie gave them a sarcastic grin and sat down at the table as they joined her.
“Wow Amelie, language darling.  I know he was good but it doesn’t require the f bomb.” Isabelle giggled some more as Amelie threw a bean at her too before they settled down and ate their dinner without any more flying projectiles.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Good Morning Sunshine.  Hope you had a gr8 night w/ your friends & can’t wait 2 c u 2day. – Ebs” 
Amelie smiled as she read the text that had been on her phone when she woke up this morning.  She had re-read it several times between getting herself ready for work.  Isabelle and Tyler were both coming with her to the rink this morning, although Belle and Ty would be watching the practice while Amelie was having one on one meetings with the different players who had blogs on the website.
“Come on Aims.  Stop looking at that damn phone and let’s go!” Belle laughed as Amelie jumped and quickly shut her phone and slipped it into the pocket of her slacks.  Tyler was driving them to the rink because it was so cold out.
Less than ten minutes later they pulled into the arena parking lot and Amelie parted ways with Isabelle and Tyler and headed for her office.   They guys had all scheduled a time during the practice when they and the coaches felt comfortable the players could miss that part of practice.  Since only 10 players on the roster were writing blogs, it wasn’t going to take Amelie long to get through them.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Andrew Cogliano
Shawn Horcoff
Theo Pechham
Ryan Whitney
Taylor Hall
Ryan Jones
Gilbert Brule
Jim Vandermeer
Tom Gilbert
 Jordan Eberle

Amelie looked down the list of the players that she was meeting with.   Most of them she had a pretty good friendship with, only Theo, Jim and Tom were guys who she really only knew because they dropped in every once in a while with their blog updates.  Amelie was finishing looking over Andrew’s blog page when a knock came at her door.
“Come in.” Amelie called as she straightened up in her chair and reached into the filing cabinet beside her for Andrew’s file.
“Morning Aims.  How’s the best girl in E-town this morning?” Andrew chuckled as he slipped into the office and shut the door behind him.  Amelie looked up at him from her desk and gave him a smile while shaking her head.
“I’m doing fine Andrew, and how are you?  I got the email with your last blog update I just haven’t posted it yet.  That’s why it won’t be in here.” Amelie said as she slid the folder across to Andrew and asked him to flip through it and make sure she hadn’t missed anything.  Although everything was online, she liked to keep a physical copy of everything in case the website crashed or in case of an emergency and the power was out.
“Everything’s here.  So Aims I heard from a pretty good source that you were getting it on with a certain hockey player in the hallway yesterday.” Andrew leaned his forearms on Amelie’s desk and smirked when she blushed bright red.
“Depends on who your source is.” Amelie said as she tried to be clever.  Andrew could see right through it and she knew it but she wanted to keep some of her dignity.
“A certain person who saw the two of you in the hallway getting it on like lovestruck teenagers.”  Andrew laughed and leaned back in his chair as Amelie covered her face with her hands.
“You have to be kidding me! Please tell me that only you and your source know.” Amelie said as she peeked out behind her hands and groaned when Andrew got a big shit eating grin on his face.
“Unfortunately no sweetheart.  It’s all over our dressing room.” Andrew reached out and patted Amelie on the head as he stood up.  “If there is nothing else, I need to get to practice.” Andrew smiled at Amelie once more as she shooed him out of her office.
“You have got to be kidding me.  This day won’t end fast enough.” Amelie groaned once she was by herself as she leaned back in her chair and thought back to the kiss, which brought a smile to her face.  The embarrassment was totally worth it.