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Content To Be Silent -- 11

Oh my gosh I'm soooo  sorry.  It's been forever hasn't it? I don't know what happened but I just kind of got lost and forgot about this sorry lol.  Had a dream last night though about the leading man (yes I'm pathetic I know lol) and it sparked me to FINALLY write the next chapter :) Hope you enjoy it!

Isabelle and Tyler arrived just as Amelie and some of the guys were walking into the parking lot.  Amelie smiled as she made her way over to her two friends.  None of the boys on the team knew that Tyler was Isabelle’s boyfriend, but she knew a lot of them had watched his movies. 
“Belle, Tyler I want you to meet the boys.  This is Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Shawn Horcoff, Ryan Whitney, Magnus Paajarvi, and Andrew Cogliano.  Guys this is my best friend Isabelle Reilly and her boyfriend Tyler Laughton.”  Amelie gave the boys a big smile as a couple of them stared in shock.
“As in THE Tyler Laughton?!” Taylor asked as he looked Ty up and down.
“Yeah that’s me.” Tyler laughed as he held out his hand for them to shake. “I’m a big fan.” He added, giving them a smile.
 “Wow.  I’m a big fan of yours.  Why didn’t you tell us Aims?” Shawn asked as he and the rest of the guys shook Tyler’s hand.  Only Magnus didn’t really know who Tyler was, but he had an idea because the rest of the guys talked about some of his movies.
“I didn’t figure it was that big of a deal. Now can we eat? I don’t know about you clowns, but I’m starving.” Amelie laughed as she linked her arm through Belle’s and they started walking down the sidewalk to the restaurant that Jordan had taken her to the time they went out for lunch.  The boys followed behind them discussing movies and hockey while the girls’ quietly whispered about Jordan.
“Wow Aims, he is fucking adorbs.  You were holding back in your emails girl.  How come you haven’t made a move yet?” Belle asked as she and Amelie broke out into a fit of giggles that made the boys stop talking and look at them.  The girls glanced back at them and started giggling again.  Tyler shook his head and continued on with his conversation.  He knew that they were talking about boys.  It was obvious by the looks on their faces.
“I don’t know Belle.   He just seems so shy that I feel if I push the issue I’m going to scare him away.” Amelie admitted as they neared the restaurant.  Isabelle rolled her eyes and gave Amelie a little shove.
“Girl trust me, he isn’t going to run away.  He is wrapped around your finger even if you haven’t noticed it.  I have met him for what, like five seconds? And I already know how into you he is.” Belle laughed as Amelie gave her a look and then stopped in front of the restaurant.
“Okay, enough girl talk, let’s eat.” She announced as Jordan opened the door and allowed the girls to go through before him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So Isabelle, what do you do?” Jordan asked as everyone was relaxing in the booth after they had finished eating.  He had his arm loosely draped over Amelie’s shoulders and she was leaning into him slightly, which made everyone at the table smile because it was so obviously they were into each other. 
“I’m an equestrienne.  I ride horses.” She added after most of the group gave her a funny look.  “I show jump.  Like where you ride the horsie around and jump fences.”  Belle rolled her eyes as the group gave her a blank look.  She looked at Amelie with a look that said that these guys were idiots.  That caused Amelie to start laughing and everyone to give her a weird look.
“Wow you guys must live under a rock.” Belle said as she gave them a distasteful look.  She always hated when people had no idea what she was talking about.  Tyler snorted and gave her a one armed hug when she turned to glare at him.
“No, they just have their heads shoved too far into their skate bags sometimes.” Amelie giggled as Belle gave her a smirk and they high-fived across the table.
“Hey now, we sometimes let in the outside culture.”  Andrew said laughing as he and Ryan exchanged looks.
“Strip clubs don’t count.” Isabelle deadpanned as she stared at them with a blank look on her face.  Taylor, Jordan and Magnus all snorted and Shawn burst out laughing.
“You are my new best friend.” Shawn chuckled as Andrew and Ryan both gave him a dirty look and Isabelle laughed.
“I just tell it like it is.  Besides he was asking for it.” Belle smiled and Tyler shook his head at his girlfriend.
“Well as much as this is fun, some of us do have to work, and by some of us, I mean me.” Amelie smiled as Jordan stood and held out his hand to allow Amelie to stand up. 
“You guys can stay if you want, I will walk Amelie back to the rink.” Jordan said as he pulled out some cash and laid it on the table for Amelie and his’ lunch.  Amelie glared at him and tried to make him take his money back.
“I said I would buy.” She said as Jordan started pushing her towards the front door.
“Well I paid this time, so you can owe me a next time.” Jordan gave her a smile and Amelie shook her head before smiling back.  They waved goodbye to their friends and headed out the door and down the street.
“Your friends seem really nice.  How come you never told us that Isabelle’s boyfriend was Tyler Laughton?” Jordan asked as they walked down the sidewalk.
“I don’t know, I guess I just never really thought about it.  They have been together so long that I just forget that he is famous.” Amelie said truthfully.  Jordan smiled down as her as they walked and reached almost tentatively for her hand as they walked.  Amelie smiled down at their joined hands and squeezed Jordan’s hand slightly so that he knew it was alright. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They walked most of the way back to the arena in silence as nothing really needed to be said.  They were both content just to walk together.  As they walked into the building and up to Amelie’s office, they continued holding hands even though it got a few strange looks from some of the people who worked in to office.
“So, do you think maybe we could go to dinner sometime next week when we get back from the road trip?” Jordan asked as they stopped outside Amelie’s office.  Jordan knew she wasn’t going on this upcoming road trip because she was staying behind to do some updating on the website so dinner would have to wait until after the road trip.
“Sure, let me know the details when you figure them out okay?” Amelie smiled up at him.
“Alright I will.  Well I guess I will see you later then?” Jordan said as he turned to start heading down the hallway.
“Yeah I guess you will.  And if not, you have my cell number.” Amelie smiled before turning to open her office door.  Just as she swung open the door, Jordan said her name.
She turned just as his arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into him as he leaned down and kissed her softly.  Amelie smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back.  When he stepped back he gave her a big smile before turning and walking down the hallway.  Amelie stood watching him as she leaned against the doorframe.  Her lips still tingled where his had met hers and she knew she had a goofy grin on her face but she didn't care.  Man that boy could kiss.

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Shootouts -- 10

Hey guys, sorry this isn't that long but I didn't know how else to write this chapter.  It' more of a filler chapter.  Hope you are liking the story so far and please don't forget to make comments and suggestions.  Also if you know anyone who might be interested in this story please tell them about it.  The more feedback the better.  This is kind of a warm-up story for me.  I'm hoping to begin writing another one when this is done, but the next one won't be about real hockey player, it will be totally fictional.

At six a.m. Amelie's doorbell rang. 
"Who the fuck shows up at someone's door at this time of day." Amelie grumbled to herself as she rolled out of bed and grabbed a hair tie to put her hair up quickly as she walked towards her front door.  The doorbell rang once more and Amelie rolled her eyes as she padded across her kitchen floor.
"Hold your horses I'm coming!" Amelie shouted as she reached the front hallway.  If it was Jordan or Taylor she was going to wring their necks and face the consequences from the Oilers fanbase.  Amelie peeked through the peep hole and let out a loud shriek as she quickly unlocked the door and swung it open.
"Oh my gosh you two! What are you doing here?" Amelie squealed as she hugged her unexpected guests. 
"We thought we would come up and spend some time with you!" Isabelle squealed as she hugged Amelie again as they stepped into the apartment.
"That and Belle was having Amelie withdrawal.  She was sulking without her partner in crime and since I had some time off from filming, I figured we might as well get away for a while." Isabelle's boyfriend Tyler said in his deep voice as he set their luggage down in the hallway so he could take off his coat.  Amelie never could get over that Tyler Laughton was her best friends boyfriend.  Tyler was an extremely talented actor who made millions from his movies.  He had the good looks to back it up.  He was six foot three with black spiky hair and was part Native American.  Amelie had always felt as though Ty was her "big brother".  He was always there for her, and always made sure she had whatever she needed.
"Oh Bells I'm so glad you guys are here! Wait until you meet everyone! This is going to be the best time ever!" Amelie hugged them both once more before escorting them to the guest room in her apartment.  They talked for a little while longer before Isabelle declared that she needed some sleep and Amelie had to head to the arena anyway.  Amelie promised to call them when she was just about finished so they could come to the arena and then they could all go out for lunch.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Wow you look happy today? Did you get some last night or something?" Shawn laughed as Amelie spun around to stare at him as they were walking down the hall towards the rink.  Amelie had decided to watch the morning skate and had come down just as the boys were getting on the ice.
"No! My best friends came to visit today for a little while and I am just excited to see them." Amelie sputtered as she tried to recover from what Shawn had said. 
"Oh I figured you and Jordan got it on pretty good last night, especially they way he was hanging on to you.  I did notice he let Cogs have a turn though so I guess he hasn't hit super protective mode yet." Shawn laughed as Amelie shook her head at him and smiled.
"How about you quit yapping at me captain and get out there and actually do something." Amelie smirked as Shawn gave her a look and jumped onto the ice.
Amelie walked out and sat on the players bench while the guys ran drills and goofed off a little.  Every once in a while one of the guys would skate over to get a drink and would have a quick conversation with her before they skated back to their teammates.  Taylor had threatened to spray her with his water bottle and Andrew had made her refill his and their antics made Amelie feel as if she was a part of the team and not just another staff member in the organization.
"Hey Aims how's it going? Horc said you had guests.  You should call them and tell them to come to the arena right now." 
Ryan Whitney said as he leaned over the board to grab his bottle from the carton on the floor by Amelie's feet.  Ryan had been one of the guys who had intimidated Amelie and she had thought he wasn't going to be as friendly but he had surprised her by being one of the funniest guys on the team and one of the friendliest.
"Your right Ryan, I should.  Hey ask around and see if any of the guys want to go out to lunch after.  We can have a group outing." Amelie smiled as she pulled ou her phone and began to dial.
"I will kid." Ryan shot her a quick smiling before turning and gliding back to his buddies.  It was near the end of practice and they were goofing off trying to see who had the best shootout moves.
"Hey Belle it's Amelie.  Look some of the guys want to go out to lunch, so if you and Ty head down here soon then by the time the guys are done practice we should all be ready to go." Amelie spoke into her phone as she watched Shawn try the spin-o-rama move and fall on his ass.  She laughed as the guys started giving Shawn shit for it and Shawn had a huge grin on his face as he gave them crap right back.
"Alright we will be there in 20.  I want to meet this cute guy you keep talking about in your emails." Isabelle laughed as Amelie and her exchanged good byes and hung up.
"Hey Shawn I thought you had skill!" Amelie shouted as she hung up the phone and the guys turned to look at her with grins on their faces. 
"Hey Amelie shut up!" Shawn shouted back as he couldn't think of a comeback.  Everyone started laughing and Amelie jumped up to sit on the boards.
"Alright boys, show me your moves and whoever I think has the best gets to sit beside me at lunch AND I will pay for their lunch." Amelie gave them a big grin as they all suddenly looked serious and began jostling for a spot.  Shawn ended up going first and weaved his way towards Devan who was in goal.  Shawn shot it high glove side and Devan quickly stuck his hand out and grabbed it.  Shawn swore and pretended to smash his stick off the glass in frustration.  He skated over and leaned on the boards beside Amelie as they watched a couple more guys go that didn't do anything spectacular either.  Then it was Jordan's turn.  Amelie felt the need to embaress him because he seemed so serious about it.
"Hey Jordy win this for me okay! It could be our first date." Amelie winked at him as Shawn started laughing loudly beside her along with some of the other guys.  Jordan blushed and seemed flustered as he almost missed grabbing the puck at the start.  Shawn snorted at that and Amelie giggled.  Then they both went wide eyed as Jordan deked hard right and Devan went sliding that way as Jordan dived left at the last second and backhanded the puck into the net top shelf.
"I guess he does do it religiously." Amelie murmured as Shawn shook his head in amazement.
"The kid does have some serious skill." Shawn said softly as Jordan skated towards them with a grin on his face. They last couple guys that had to go turned and started skating towards them.
"We give up Aims.  That is unbeatable." Taylor said as he tapped Jordan on the butt with his stick as Jordan skated by. 
Amelie gave them a smile then blushed as Jordan stopped right in front of her.  They were right at eye level with each other and Jordan gave her a big grin and a wink.
"Let's go get lunch sweetheart."

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Hook Line & Sinker -- 9

Hey guys sorry about the wait, my school work is taking up much of my time. 
Anyway, Oilers are on a four game win steak!! So because they are playing so well, I am adding a couple photos of the last couple games of a couple of the guys. Photos are not mine. 
Hope you like this chapter. Sorry about the language.

Jordan and Amelie didn’t speak on the way to the club.  Amelie was angry at Shawn and at Jordan for putting her in this situation.  Jordan was trying to figure out how he was going to divert Jamie-Lynn’s anger towards him and not towards the girl in the hot outfit who was sitting next to him fiddling with the hem of her mini skirt and driving Jordan crazy.  Finally they arrived at the club and Jordan turned to look at Amelie.
“Look I’m sorry about this.  If you want to go home then I can take you home.” Jordan gave Amelie a small smile as she turned to look at him.  It almost surprised him when she gave him a smirk.
“No I’m good.  Sometimes a girl has to let loose, even if it is on a crazy ex-girlfriend.” Amelie giggled as Jordan gave her an open-mouthed look of shock.  “What? I never said I was always nice.” She giggled again before opening her door and climbing out before leaning back in to look at Jordan, who was getting a good view of her cleavage. “Are you coming or not?”
Jordan nodded his head and jumped out of the car and slammed the door before running around to walk beside Amelie.  She slipped her arm through his and together they walked towards the entrance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Whoa someone cleans up good and I’m not talking about you Jordan.” Taylor practically tackled them as they walked through the doors.  Amelie would never understand why Taylor was so attached to Jordan.  Sometimes their man love for each other was a little weird.
“Thanks Taylor.  When I found out I got to fight some chick I was kind of wishing I had worn my jeans though.” Amelie chuckled as Taylor let out a loud laugh and Jordan’s face had a pained look on it.  Amelie squeezed his arm hoping he would lighten up.  It wasn’t going to be that bad.
“Who the fuck is this?” A high pitched squeak came from behind them and Taylor winced as he and Jordan exchanged looks before Jordan turned around.
“Hi Jamie-Lynn.” He said weakly as Amelie whipped her head around the give the girl who was glaring at her a blank stare.
“Shut up Jordan.  Who the fuck are you?” Jamie-Lynn repeated as she stepped closer and tried to wedge herself between Amelie and Jordan as Amelie assessed her with a bored look.
“Maybe if you ask nicely I might tell you sweetheart but I’m not going to go telling you now that you have established that you’re a first rate bitch.”  Amelie smirked at the 5 foot blonde in front of her.  She could almost feel Jordan’s shock rolling off him in waves as he stared at her in shock.  Taylor had stared for a moment before hysterically laughing so loudly that Amelie was starting to wonder if she was going to have to give him mouth to mouth from lack of oxygen. 
“Listen you stupid slut.  You just can’t show up and think he is all yours because he is not.” Jamie-Lynn’s nasally voice was going to give Amelie a headache. 
“Alright listen sweetheart.  You’re going to shut the hell up and leave Jordan and I the fuck alone.  Go back to your little clones over there and get a life.” Amelie stood almost nose to nose with the blonde who actually took a small step back.  Amelie gave her a smirk and the middle finger before turning and taking Jordan and Taylor by the arm and walking towards the bar.  Jamie-Lynn gave Amelie’s back a nasty look before walking back to her friends and the guys they had been flirting with.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Man girl you are my fucking hero.” Taylor laughed while giving Amelie a hug as they stood by the bar with a couple of the other guys.  Amelie blushed as everyone laughed as Taylor re-told the story about what had been said by the door.
“It’s not a big deal Taylor.  I just hate people that think they are all that and think they own everything.” Amelie shrugged off everyone’s compliments about how she had more balls than half the guys on the team.  Jordan slipped his arm around her shoulder and Amelie leaned against him as he handed her a glass of Coke.  Amelie had told him before that she didn’t drink and he respected that.
“Thanks Jordan.  How you feeling?” Amelie asked as she glanced up at him.  Jordan smiled down at her and took a sip of his drink before answering.
“I’m doing darn well I think.  I’m here with my buddies, I have a pretty girl next to me and I’m an NHL hockey player.  Life couldn’t be better.” Jordan clinked his glass with hers before they both took another sip.
“Your life does sound pretty great.” Amelie laughed up at him then shrieked as she was suddenly pulled away from Jordan and her drink was taken out of her hand and set on the bar.
“Come on darling, their playing our song.” Andrew Cogliano chuckled as he spun Amelie in a circle and pulled out to the dance floor.  Jordan chuckled and watched them for a moment before turning towards his teammates and joining in their conversation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So Aims what are your plans with Ebs?” Andrew chuckled as he spun Amelie around as Superman by Taylor Swift played in the background.  Amelie gave him a wide eyed look that caused him to laugh loudly.
“We are just friends, I don’t know why no can accept that.” Amelie tried to give Andrew a dirty look but his smile was contagious and she was soon laughing too.
“Maybe we can’t accept it because we know he doesn’t.  Ebs doesn’t get distracted easily and you are on his mind all the time.  He may not show it but that kid totally wants in your pants.” Andrew gave Amelie a wink that caused her to trip over her own feet and Andrew had to be quick to catch her before the she hit the ground.
“Geez Aims if I knew you felt that way we could have run away a long time ago.” Andrew laughed harder as Amelie gave him a soft punch in the shoulder as she tried to keep some of her dignity.
“Trying to get your claws into her are you Cogs?  I never thought you went for computer nerds.” Taylor appeared behind them with a huge grin on his face and Amelie just shook her head in amazement at the kid who seemed to appear out of nowhere. 
“Most computer nerds don’t look like her Hallsy.” Andrew chuckled as he slung an arm around Amelie shoulder and started walking back towards the bar and Jordan.
“Guess I should return you before he thinks we are planning to runaway together.”
Amelie shook her head and smiled as she leaned into Andrew as they walked back towards Jordan.  She loved feeling like part of the family and the joking only made her feel closer to the guys.  These were her boys and she would stand up for any one of them in a heartbeat.
“Hey Ebs I brought your girl back in one piece.  Even though she did get a little out of breath at how sexy I am.” Andrew stopped beside Jordan and gave Amelie a hug before heading off to find another girl to dance with.  Amelie rolled her eyes and gave Jordan a smile as he handed her back her drink and slipped his arm around her waist.

*  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey I don’t want to sound like a downer but I’m getting pretty tired.  Do you think you could drive me home?” Amelie asked Jordan a little while later as they were walking back to the bar after dancing.  Jordan nodded and quickly told the guys that they were leaving before walking with Amelie to his car.
“Did you have fun tonight?” Jordan asked as they drove through the night city of Edmonton.
“I did, even though your girlfriend is a bitch.” Amelie gave him a smirk as he shot her a look.
“That girl won’t ever be my girlfriend.  I’m not into the clingy jealous type.” Jordan spoke seriously as he weaved his way through night traffic towards Amelie’s apartment complex.
“I know Jordan, it’s pretty obviously.” Amelie smiled and leaned her head against the window as Jordan smiled and turned up the radio as they drove through downtown.  All too soon they were pulling up in front of her apartment.  Amelie sighed and turned to look at Jordan.
“Thanks for taking me out tonight, even if Shawn was the one that had to ask.” Amelie smiled as Jordan blushed. 
“It’s no problem.  I wanted to ask you but Jamie-Lynn is such a pain in my ass that I didn’t want her to bother you.  Turns out I didn’t need to worry.” Jordan gave Amelie a smile as they both chuckled.
“No you didn’t, I can take care of myself.  I will see you tomorrow okay? Get some sleep, you have practice at ten.” Amelie leaned over to give Jordan a kiss on the cheek before stepping out of the car and running towards the front door.  Jordan watched her go before reaching up to touch his cheek.  Man that girl had him hook line and sinker.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Bitchy Side -- 8

Hey guys sorry about the delay.  Had a pretty busy week. Got to meet Hayley Wickenheiser (Captain of Team Canada Women's Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Team) and I got to hold her gold medal! Was pretty awesome.  Anyway here is the next chapter.  Sorry it's a little shorter then some.  Comment and review!!

"Hey Aims are you coming out with us tonight?" Horcoff asked as Amelie finished updating the website with his new post.  It had been a week since their horrible road loss and they had come back to win against Colorado the night before.  Some of the guys were planning a night out on the town because they had
a couple days before their next game.
"I don't know.  No one has asked me." Amelie said as she logged off her computer and stood to grab her coat and purse.  Shawn had come in right when she was about to leave so she had wanted to put his post in before she forgot.  He stood up to and waited for her as he held the door open.
"Well I'm inviting you so you should come." Shawn gave her a smile as they walked out the door and headed down the hallway towards the parking lot.  Shawn had offered her a ride back to her new apartment because it was a bitterly cold day.
"Is Cindy coming?" Amelie asked as they both jogged to the car carefully avoiding the ice on the pavement.  Shawn didn't answer until they were in his car and he had started the motor.
"No, she is staying home to look after the kids." Shawn smiled as he waited for the car to warm up before pulling out of the parking lot and driving the twelve blocks to Amelie's new apartment building.  After pulling up and making Amelie promise that she was coming out tonight, Shawn told her that he would pick her up at eight and that she was to be ready.
"Don't make us late!" Shawn shouted as he pulled away from the curb.  Amelie laughed and shook her head as she turned and walked into the warmth of the

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey Ebs I told Amelie that she was coming out with us.  You guys want to pick her up or should I?" Shawn chuckled as he finished getting ready to go out with the boys.  Cindy had turned him down when he had offered to stay home, saying that he needed some boy bonding time.
"Jesus Horc why did you do that? I didn't invite her because I know Jamie-Lynn is going to be there." Jordan practically exploded into the phone.  His on again off again girlfriend Jamie-Lynn was a total puck bunny.  Jordan was continuesly the guy she turned to because he was hot, had a big paycheck,and was a
big name player.  Jordan didn't care that she didn't really like him for him because she was hot, and he needed to get his rocks off some how but ever since meeting Amelie he had avoided Jamie because he was done with her.
"Oh geez sorry Ebs.  I didn't think about her." Shawn groaned as he slapped himself in the forehead.  Now he knew why he never involved himself in his teammates personal lives.
"Great man just great.  I will pick up Amelie and TRY to explain to her before we get there." Jordan swore under his breath and hung up the phone.
"Dude what's wrong now?" Taylor asked Jordan as he walked into the kitchen as he did up the buttons on his shirt.
'Horc invited Amelie out and I know Jamie is going to be there.  It's going to be serious drama." Jordan leaned his head against the counter and thought about what he was going to say to Amelie to try to explain why Jamie was going to go balistic.
"It will be with Jamie involved.  Good luck man." Taylor said as he slapped Jordan on the back with a laugh and headed back to his room.
"Fuck you Hallsy." Jordan groaned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At exactly eight Jordan's car rolled to a stop in front of Amelie's apartment.  She gave him a confused look as she climbed into the passenger seat.
"I thought Shawn was picking me up?" She asked as Jordan turned to stare at her with a wide eyed look.  Amelie smiled internally.  She had straightened her hair and pulled it into a loose ponytail.  Her outfit consisted of an off the shoulder navy blue blouse with a black mini skirt and knee high boots that Isabelle always called hooker boots.
"He umm well he uhh told me that uhh I should pick you uhhh up." Jordan stuttered over his words.  Oh man tonight was going to be awful.  Jamie was going to murder him and Amelie probably was too when she found out.  I mean how else would a girl react when the guy who has been flirting with you the entire time tells you that he has a sort-of girlfriend who will be at the club and will want to tear her hair out when she sees her. Oh great.
"Oh well it's nice to be surprised." Amelie laughed at Jordan's obviously distraction of her outfit.
"So umm I have something to tell you.  My uhh ex uhh sort-of girlfriend is uhh going to be at the club tonight and she is kind of umm obsessive so she might
uhh say some rude things to uhh you or umm go after you." Jordan mentally slapped himself in the head because he sounded like a total idiot and the look Amelie was giving him was not good.
"Oh hell no. No bitch is going to come after me." Amelie glared at Jordan.  Damn him for putting her in the weirdest situations. Jordan's expression almost made her laugh through her anger.  He was looking at her with such a look of disbelief and shock.  Guess he didn't know she had a bitchy side.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Road Loss -- 7

Now I know that the Oilers played two road games, but in my story they only went to Phoenix and then returned home. I apologize for the language in this chapter. You have been warned.

“Come on Aims wake up.” Jordan said shaking Amelie’s shoulder as the plane got ready to descend into Phoenix.  She had been sleeping since they got on the airplane but then again so had almost everyone.  Amelie groaned and opened her eyes slowly as she stared up at Jordan who had his face about two inches from hers.
“Honestly Ebs do you think you could move?” She pushed him out of her face so she could stretch then realized that she had called Jordan by the nickname she had heard Taylor and Shawn call him so much.
“I think your becoming part of the team.” Jordan said laughing as he realized what she had said too.  Amelie laughed with him before they were instructed by the pilot to put on their seat belts.
Fifteen minutes later they had landed and were getting off the plane.  Jordan and Taylor were having a shoving match as they walked across the concrete towards the building.  Amelie was laughing at them and Shawn had his arm slung around her shoulder while he was explaining to her exactly what he was going to write for his first post for the website.  Amelie wished she had a tape recorder because then she could be able to listen to what he was telling her and be able to check back and see if he really wrote everything he was telling her right now.
“I can’t wait to read it Shawn.  It sounds highly entertaining.” Amelie said giggling as he held the door open for her with a bowing gesture and escorted her towards the luggage carrier.  Jordan and Taylor were still arguing who had beat the other one in their video game and both of them collided with Amelie as she stopped to grab her suitcase. Amelie hit the ground with a thud and the boys ended up right on top of her.  Shawn and some of the other players stood their laughing their heads off while Amelie swore loudly.
“Get your fat asses off of me!” she screeched and then swore again as one of them kneed her in the stomach. “Jesus I didn’t say squash me you idiots!”  All her swearing and complaining made the others laugh harder and because they were, Jordan and Taylor began to laugh too.  Amelie tried to glare at them but she couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them.
“I’m sorry Aims.  You okay?” Jordan asked honestly as he stood and held out a hand to help Amelie up as Taylor rolled off of her and was still sitting on the floor laughing. Amelie rolled her eyes at Taylor and reached for Jordan, allowing him to pull her up.
“I think my ass is going to bruise.  You two weigh too much.” Amelie said as she brushed off the back of her pants.
Jordan will kiss it better!” Taylor snorted as he jumped up and threw his arm around Amelie.  “You know he wants to.” He gave Amelie a big wink which caused the entire team to start laughing again.  Jordan glared at Taylor and Amelie reached out and squeezed his forearm, letting Jordan know that she knew Taylor was joking around.
“Alright if you rookies are done causing a commotion we have to be somewhere.”  Coach Renney said in as stern a voice he could muster even though he had been laughing just as hard as the rest of the guys.  Everyone chuckled and turned to grab their suitcases before heading to the bus that would take them to the hotel.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

“Come on boys!” Amelie shouted in frustration as she watched the Oilers getting their butts kicked by Phoenix.  They were down four to nothing with about five minutes left to play.  It seemed as if every player had stopped playing except for Jordan, Taylor and Shawn.  They were the only three that still had their hearts in this game and Amelie knew they were also going to be the three that would take this loss the toughest.  She swore in frustration when Phoenix got another goal and she turned and left the box and headed for the locker room.  She wanted to get there before the players because she wanted to be in the room when they got read the riot act.  Walking in on the Coach’s angry speech would not be a good thing.
“What a disgusting game.  How could they be so stupid?” Amelie mumbled to herself as she stepped into the locker room.  She looked around and found Jordan’s stall.  She sat in it and leaned back against the wall.  She could hear the roar from the crowd as the game ended and then she could hear the slamming as players came down towards the locker room.  One by one they burst in the door, each mumbling to themselves or swearing out loud as they went to their stalls.  Jordan walked towards her his eyes down his face totally dejected.  Amelie gave him a small smile which he tried to return.  She stood and allowed him to sit down and begin taking off his gear.
“That was disgusting!  We think we win won game so we can sit back and not do a fucking thing!? Where did your hearts go? I thought you played this game because you loved it.  You played out there like you didn’t give a shit about this game.  We had one, ONE line that played like they cared.  If I have to go the rest of this season only playing that one line because they want to actually get out there and play then so be it! You got your sticks shoved so far up your asses that you can’t see straight.  That game was shit!” Coach Renney had stormed into the locker room and starting going off hardcore.  If Amelie hadn’t been a tiny bit afraid of him then she would have giggled.  She swore she could see smoke coming out his ears and his nose.  It was amazing how angry one person could get.
“Man we fucked up.” Jordan said softly to Amelie after Renney had left and the players were left to undress and speak to the media.
“No you didn’t. They did.  You played with your heart Jordan and you couldn’t have done anything more. This isn’t a one man show.” Amelie spoke softly as she squeezed his shoulder before going over and giving Shawn and Taylor the same speech.  She then gave the three of them each a smile before the left the room to give them some privacy to speak to the media.  Hopefully they could redeem themselves when they get home.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Antics -- 6

This night is sparkling, don't you let it go I'm wonderstruck, blushing all the way home I'll spend forever wondering if you knew I was enchanted to meet you…”
Amelie jumped as her phone went off while she was packing her suitcase.  “Hello Jordan.” She laughed into the phone as she answered.
“Hey Aims.  Are you all packed for the road trip?” Jordan asked as he too had just finished packing.
“I’m almost done. I just have a couple more things to throw in and then I will be ready.  What time are you picking me up?” Amelie asked as she tossed the rest of her clothes into her suitcase and zipped it up.
“I think Taylor and I are leaving here around two, so we will probably be there to get you around two fifteen as long as Taylor doesn’t forget anything.” Jordan laughed as Taylor glared at him from across the room.
“Haha yeah I bet he would be the one to forget something.  Well I better go have a shower then before you guys get here.”  Amelie smiled as Jordan said goodbye and they hung up.  She smiled to herself as she looked at the phone in her hand.  She would never admit it out loud but she loved the sound of his voice. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Come on Taylor hurry up! I told Amelie we were leaving here at two.” Jordan shouted as Taylor went running back into their house once more to grab the toothbrush he had forgotten.  Jordan sighed and sent Amelie a quick text saying they were going to be a few minutes late.  She quickly sent back a quick text.  “LOL Hallsy forgot something didn’t he? Its okay just hurry him upJ
Jordan smiled as he read the text.  He quickly set his phone down when Taylor bounded back to the car and hopped into the passenger seat. 
“Finally.” Jordan laughed and rolled his eyes as he sped away from the curb and headed towards the hotel Amelie was staying at.
“Sorry Ebs but you don’t want me having morning breath now do you?” Taylor chuckled as he pulled out his phone and started fiddling with it.
“Course not but we don’t need to be late either.” Jordan said as he drove towards the hotel.
Ten minutes later Jordan stopped in front of the hotel as Amelie opened the back door and shoved her suitcase into the backseat before she hauled herself up in beside it.  Jordan and Taylor turned to look at her as she clambered into the Escalade.  After Amelie got seated she looked up to see them both staring at her.
“What? Is my hair standing on end or something?” She asked as she laughed and put her hands on her hair which was pulled back into a loose ponytail.
“No.  We were just waiting for you to be ready.” Jordan said as he blushed slightly and turned back to face forward.  Taylor snorted and turned back around as he continued to fiddle with his phone.  Jordan sighed and pulled out of the parking lot and they continued the last five minutes to the arena in silence except for the radio playing quietly and Taylor tapping away on his phone.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Alright everyone on the bus!” Coach Renney shouted as everyone was mingling outside.  As soon as he spoke everyone turned and started climbing onto the bus that would take them to the airport.  Jordan gave an over-active bow to allow Amelie to go ahead of him and she laughed and swatted his arm playfully as she climbed on.  Shawn and Taylor both snorted and gave Jordan a shove as he went to climb on the bus behind her.  He turned and gave the two of them a dirty look before getting the rest of the way on the bus and sitting down next to Amelie.  Taylor and Shawn sat right behind them and began quietly planning on how to annoy the hell of the Jordan on the way to the airport.
“So are you excited to go to Phoenix?” Jordan asked Amelie as the bus began its route to the airport.  He felt something tickling the back of his neck as he spoke and he quickly turned to glare at Taylor who pretended he hadn’t just been tickling Jordan with a feather that Shawn had happened to have in his duffel bag.
“I am.  I haven’t traveled before so this is a whole new experience.  I’m excited.” Amelie said giving Jordan a smile and shaking her head at Taylor while she smiled.
“Well I’m sure you are gong to love it. So how’s the website coming along? I almost have my first post ready for you.” Jordan said giving her another smile before glaring at Shawn who was giving Amelie bunny ears and laughing.
“It’s going pretty good.  No one has given me anything to update yet so I’m taking the time to get everyone’s page looking good before the updates start rolling in and I have to start being consistent with the pages.” Amelie smiled as she glanced at Shawn out of the corner of her eye.  Their antics didn’t bother her and in fact they made her feel more like part of the team but they seemed to be getting on Jordan’s nerves and she didn’t quite understand why. 
“Well hopefully after the game tomorrow I will be able to get you something so you can actually get this website up and going.” Jordan said as he pulled out his phone and held it up to take a photo of Amelie. She laughed and hid her faces behind her gloves.
“What are you doing?” She giggled as Shawn reached over the seat and tried to pry her hands away from her face.
“I need a photo of you for my phone.” Jordan laughed as Shawn captured Amelie’s hands above her head and Jordan quickly snapped a photo.  He looked down at it and smiled at the photo. Amelie was laughing and looking up at Shawn who was looking down at her with a smirk on his face.  Suddenly his phone was pulled from his hands.
“Oh my gosh I look awful!” Amelie squealed and tried to figure out to hit the delete button but Shawn grabbed the phone from her and mimicked her.
“Oh my gosh! I look horrible!” He started laughing and Taylor quickly grabbed the phone from Shawn and looked at the photo as he started laughing too. Jordan glared at all of them and grabbed his phone back from Taylor.
“I like it.” He grumbled as he saved the photo and shoved his phone back into his pocket.  Amelie gave him a smile and put her hand on Jordan’s arm and squeezed.
“I like it too.” She said as he turned and gave her a grateful look.
“Alright you guys cool the antics.” Coach Renney turned in his seat and gave them a look before turning back around to continue talking to his assistant.  The four of them looked at each other and broke out into a fit of giggles. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lunch Date Disasters -- 5

By the next morning Amelie had had five players including Jordan come to her about the website.  Amelie was excited to have that much interest that quickly.  She walked into her office and had barely sat down when there are a quick knock on her door and Jordan's head poked in the door, his baby blue eyes catching Amelie's attention because they seemed to have an extra sparkle in them. 
"Good Morning Jordan, something you need?" Amelie asked him with a smile.
"Nothing I just wanted to check in and make sure we were still on for lunch today." Jordan said giving her a brillant smile that made Amelie blush.
"Of course we are." Amelie smiled back as she leaned back in her chair and watched him seem to light up when she said she still wanted to go.
"Good, I can't wait.  Well I better get to practice before I get in crap for being late." Jordan said giving her another spine tingling smile and closing the door.


"Wow what has gotten into you Ebby?" Magnus asked after Jordan has given him a huge bodycheck during practice.
"I got a lunch date." Jordan gave gim a huge smile as he helped Mags up off the ice.
"With that computer chick?" Magnus smirked at Jordan as they both skated over to the bench.
"Yes her and she has a name Mags." Jordan added giving Magnus a little shove.
"Sorry Ebs."  Magnus laughed loudly which caused some of the other guys to look at them.  "I go see her yesterday about that website.  She is even cuter up close, no?"
"Yes she is." Jordan replied shortly and gave Magnus a glare, at which Magnus held up his hands in surrender.
"I no touch her Ebs.  She is all yours." Magnus chuckled and the two of them hopped off the ice and headed towards the locker room as Coach Renney called the end of practice.


"Alright would you two move!"  Jordan growled as he gave Shawn and Taylor both a glare.  The two of them had barricaded themselves in front of the locker room door and had refused to move because they knew Jordan had his date with Amelie.  In Jordan's eyes they were just being a bunch of jackasses.
"Wow Jordy I don't know if I should let you go on a date with a girl with an attitude like that." Shawn laughed as Jordan tried unsuccessfully to shove Taylor away from his side of the door.
"Come on you two let the poor boy go on his date."  Tom said chuckling as he walked out of his office with a smile on his face.
"Aww fine Coach.  If you say so." Taylor laughed as he and Shawn moved out of Jordan's way, who in turn practically sprinted out the door before he could suffer any more humiliation.  Unfortunatly it followed him right out the door. 
"Now Jordy don't forget to use protection!" Shawn's voice echoed off the walls as he leaned out the door of the locker room to watch Jordan's retreating back as he hurried down the hallway.  Jordan swung around and gave Shawn the middle finger before disappearing around the corner as the locker room's laughter trailed behind him.


Amelie was just opening the door to her office as Jordan appeared on the other side of it.  They both smiled nervously as Jordan turned and escorted her outside.
"So where are we going?" Amelie asked once they had started walking down the sidewalk in the cold Edmonton weather.
"One of my favourite places.  It's a nice place called Coliseum Steak & Pizza." Jordan smiled down at Amelie as he slipped an arm around her shoulders and hoped she wouldn't protest. 
"Sounds great.  I haven't really had a chance to check out local places yet."  Amelie smiled and blushed slihgtly at the warmth she felt from Jordan as he wrapped his arm around her.
They chatted about the website and before Amelie realized they had made it to the restaurant.  Jordan held open the door for her and then escorted her towards a table near the back.
After they had ordered Jordan leaned back in his seat and regarded Amelie with twinkling eyes.  "So tell me about yourself Amelie Johnson.  What don't I know about you?" He gave her a reassuring smile that Amelie quickly returned.
"Well I'm 20 years old.  I'm a June baby.  I just graduated from a college in Ontario where I was born and raised.  I love animals, and being outdoors except I hate winter but I love hockey." Amelie giggled and blushed slightly.  Just then their food arrived and instead of talking they ate.
They ate in slience for a while before Amelie looked up at Jordan. "So tell me about you. What don't I know about the famous Jordan Eberle?" She said giving him a shy smile.
"Well I.." and that's as far as he got before he was interrupted.
"Well now don't we just look like two snuggly pea's in a pod."
"Shawn." Jordan gritted his teeth and turned to glare at his captain.
"Hi Jordy, the team thought someone should check up on you and make sure you were treating this young lady properly." Shawn gave Amelie a grin and winked at her which made her laugh out loud.
"He seems to be behaving himself pretty well but you...well now that's a whole other story." Amelie gave Shawn her own wink and laughed when he looked at her in shock before laughing with her and giving her a high five while Jordan looked on in confusion.
"I like her Ebs. Lots of fire.  Keep her around would ya." Shawn laughed once again when Jordan gave him another glare.
"Can you leave?" Jordan growled between gritted teeth.
"Gee Jordy be nice to your elders.  He just wanted to make sure I hadn't corupted one of his superstars." Amelie giggled and Shawn gave her another high five.
"Well you two seem to be doing just fine.  I will see you both later." Shawn gave them a shit eating grin and walked out of the restuarant.
Jordan and Amelie talked a little bit more before getting ready to leave.  They exchanged numbers before they went in seperate directions.  Amelie was headed back to Rexall while Jordan was headed back to his home.  As Amelie walked her phone started buzzing in her pocket.  As she pulled it out and read the message she got a big smile on her face.
Life had certainly got a heck of a lot better.

"Had a great time today Amelie.  I can't wait to do it again." - Ebs.

Conflicts and Emotion -- 4

Everyone's eyes turned towards the direction in which the voice had spoken from.
"That's fine.  I never said everyone HAD to do it.  It's optional." Amelie tried to sound confident even though her face was flaming red from embaressment.
"Come on Dustin.  Don't be such a spoil sport.  This sounds like it could be pretty
cool." Theo Pechham turned to Dustin Penner, the guy who had spoken out, and gave him a slight glare.
"Dude if you want to have a public diary like a teenager then go ahead but I'm not going to sprout off my feelings to the entire world."
Amelie took a deep breath and spoke "You don't have to tell your personal stuff.  You can do summeries of games, anything you want really.  You can even talk about the weather." She smiled hoping to lighten the tension.
Jordan giggled and because he did so did a couple of the other younger guys on the
team.  Amelie gave them a grateful smile before lookin back at Penner who was still
giving her a nasty look. 
"I do not want to do it.  Am I making myself clear?" Dustin growled as he turned to glare at the players who were still snickering.
"That's fine but I didn't need the damn attitude." Amelie snapped as her temper finally got the better of her.  Dustin looked at her once more with a dirty look before sitting back down at his stall.
Amelie looked around the room once more and tried to put a half smile on her face.  "If anyone has any questions about the website please let me know and for those of you who DO want to do this, please come see me in my office some time this week so I can get you set up." With that Amelie grabbed her laptop and walked briskly out of the locker room before her emotions got completely out of control.  She hated it when people were rude to her especially in front of others.


"I hope most of you will decide to do this website thing.  It's something I agree with
whole heartedly and I believe it's a great way to connect with our fan base."  Steve said before giving the boys a nod and walking out the door of the locker room.
"Alright boys that's everything for today.  Head on home or whereever you guys go." Coach Renney said as he clapped his hands together once before walking into his office.  As he closed his door the players all stood and spilt into their own personal groups and began to chat about numerous things.
"I'm sure your girly giggle totally impressed her eh Ebs." Taylor said laughing as he walked over to Jordan and gave him a little shove.  Their linemate and captain Shawn Horcoff overheard Taylor as he walked passed them.
"Oh so Ebby's got a crush on the new girl? That's so adorable." Shawn laughed and gave Jordan a nudge as Jordan's face turned red from embaressment.
"He literally ran into her last week." Taylor chuckled as he re-told the story to Shawn.
Jordan glared at both of them and walked out of the locker rooms and into the
hallway.  Shawn and Taylor followed him as they continued to laugh about Jordan's "crush".
"Hey Loverboy the exit is this way." Shawn snickered as Jordam started walking in the opposite way of the exit doors.
"I'm going to talk to Amelie about the website." Jordan said without turning around as he continued to walk down the hallway towards the elevator.
"Yeah alright Loverboy.  We will see you later then.  Try to behave yourself." Shawn and Taylor both laughed as they headed out the exit while Jordan turned to glare at their retreating backs before continuing on.


Amelie swore under her breath as she sat down in her office chair.  She knew that this wasn't going to be an easy job, working with male athletes never was, but she hadn't been ready for the outburst in front of everyone.  She sighed and began sorting the folders for each player into her filing cabinet.  Every player had their own folder because she wanted to make she she had a hard copy of everyone's entries.  Just as Amelie was finishing up there was a light knock at her office door."Come in." Amelie shouted softly as she turned towards the door as it opened.
"Hey...umm...I came to talk to you about the" Jordan said as he stepped inside the office and closed the door tentitavely. 
"Sure have a seat." Amelie smiled as she turned and sat at her desk.  She was more than glad to see a friendly face after what had happened in the locker room.  Jordan sat in the chair across from her and looked at the ground shyly.
"Okay can you fill this out for me?" Amelie asked as she handed him a piece of paper with some basic questions on it that she pulled from her binder.  Their hands brushed as Jordan took the paper and they both blushed.  As he filled out the paper Amelie stood and pulled Jordan's folder from the cabinet.  When Jordan finished he slid the paper across the desk to her and Amelie slipped it into his folder.  They then began to discuss how he wanted the layout of his page and they were quickly laughing and joking while they were working.  All too soon his web page was ready and he stood to leave.  Just as Jordan reached the door he turned and looked back at Amelie who was looking at him with a smile on her face and a slight blush.
"Hey uhh do you want to go to lunch tomorrow?" Jordan asked as he gave her a shy smile.
"Oh! Sure." Amelie smiled and blushed more as Jordan flashed her a big smile.
"Great. See you tomorrow." Jordan said as he walked out the door and closed it quietly behind him.
Amelie groaned and sat back in her chair. Oh boy if he looked at her like that too many time she was going to be in trouble.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday Morning -- 3

Amelie smiled as she walked through the doors of Rexall Place.  She still couldn't believe she would be working here.  She walking quickly down the hall and stopped outside Steve's office.  Amelie knocked softly and then wrapped her arms around her mid-section as she waited. 
"Good morning Amelie.  I'm glad to see you didn't change your mind about this job." Steve chuckled as he opened his door.  Amelie laughed with him and blushed.
"No I still can't believe I got the job.  It's like a dream come true."
"Let me know if you still think that after a couple weeks.  You’re going to be working very closely with the players and let me tell you; sometimes they can be difficult especially 
when we aren't doing as well." Steve smiled reassuringly at Amelie and then directed her farther down the hall towards her new office.  He quickly showed her where the 
necessitities were such as the bathroom and the staff lounge before he had to go to another meeting. "If you have any questions while I'm gone don't be afraid to ask Janice my 
secretary.  When I'm done with my meeting I will take you down and introduce you to everyone" Steve said giving Amelie another smile before he left.
Amelie nodded and sat down in the large office chair and hit the switch on the computer in front of her.  She had brought her own laptop but if this computer was up to date with 
all the new technology it would be easier on Amelie if she could just put all of her information on it and leave it there.  She already had an idea of what she wanted to do and she just needed to run it by the general manager and the players.  She thought it was a great idea but she didn't know how tough guys were going to react to it.


Jordan swore under his breath as he picked himself up off the ice.
"Come on Eberle! Where the hell is your game at?" Coach Renney yelled at Jordan as he skated up to him.  "That’s the third time you have missed the pass and fifth time you have been caught with your head down! If this was a real game you would probably be on a fucking stretcher by now!"
"I know Coach.  I will do better." Jordan looked at the ice and shuffled on his skates.  He knew he was fucking up and it was all because he was distracted.  He knew that right this minute Amelie was in the building in her new office.  Nothing had ever thrown him off his game like this girl had.  He had no idea why she affected him so much.
"What is wrong Ebs?" Magnus said skating alongside Jordan as he glided back to the bench.  Jordan stopped to get a mouthful of Gatorade before he answered. 
"I honestly don't know Mags." Jordan said trying to lie but he knew Taylor had told Magnus so he was SOL anyway.
"It is that girl is it not?" Magnus asked giving Jordan a little smirk.
"Yeah it is.  I just can't seem to get her out of my head." Jordan laughed quietly and set down his bottle as the coach yelled at them to quit gossiping and get working. "Let's go Mags.  This time I'm going to kick your ass."


"Alright Amelie are you ready to meet the players?" Steve asked as he walked back into Amelie's new office.  She jumped and glanced up at him with wide eyes.  She had been concentrating on her write up explaining exactly what she had hoped to do with the new website.  She had also made a rough website and had added her own post so that she had some visuals to back up her explanation.
"Sure I'm ready.  Did you want to hear what I am hoping to do before we go?" Amelie asked sounding slightly nervous as she stood up and grabbed her laptop.
"No I want to be able to hear it for the first time with the rest of the guys.  I'm sure it's a great idea." Steve smiled reassuringly and escorted Amelie down the players dressing room.


"Knock knock everybody.  I have the newest member of our family here." Steve said as he opened the door to the players’ dressing room and allowed Amelie to walk through first.  Everyone glanced up at the small young women who walked through the door.  Jordan couldn't help but give Mags a glare when he whistled under his breath.
"Guys this is Amelie Johnson.  She is the new website designer for our brand new blog site." Steve said smiling before he let Amelie have the floor as he leaned up against the door.
"Hi everyone.  You can call me Amelie or Aims.  I know you guys like to use nicknames so that’s the one I answer to the most." Amelie chuckled softly to herself as she blushed.  
She set her laptop down on a nearby table and attached it to the smart board before turning back to the players.  "Now I have an idea of what I would like to do but I haven't run 
it past anyone so if anybody has an questions or objections feel free to speak up." Amelie smiled nervously at them and avoided looking anyone directly in the eye, especially 
"I'm sure we are all going to love it, right boys?" Coach Renney said giving his players a stare before smiling at Amelie and allowing her to continue.
"I hope you will.  Now I have a rough draft of the website here that I created this weekend.  I also added in a post of my own just so you could get the idea." Amelie said as she 
pulled up the website and then pointed at the screen. "I thought that this could kind of be like each players diary of sorts." She chuckled when there was a collective groan from 
most of the guys.  "Now I don't mean like you have to tell the entire world your private life but more for like give your take on how games go and just give your point of view on 
different things.  You could also use it to give some more information about yourself that maybe your fans didn't know.  Like here is my post as an example." Amelie clicked on her 
post and took a deep breath to calm herself.  "I just kind of tell about some of the things going on in my life and then also give a little bit of information on your guys' last game.  
Now I don't know as much as you do but I tried my best." Amelie turned and gave them a smile.  She could tell that a lot of the players were buying into the idea and so were the staff.
"Did you want every player to have a blog of their own?" Steve asked hoping to give Amelie some more confidence.
"Well I'm hoping that the staff and the players would want to have their own blog but I don't think it should be made mandatory.  I hope everyone will be able to contribute in 
some way though." Amelie said glancing at him before looking back at the players. Suddenly a voice spoke up from near the back of the room.
"Oh hell no I'm not doing this bullshit."

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting The Job -- 2

I'm hoping to be able to get up about a chapter a day but for today I have two chapters up. Read and Comment!

"I look forward to working with you Amelie.  I will see you bright and early Monday morning."  Steve said as he escorted Amelie out of his office.  He was impressed with the young woman’s knowledge of what she did and also how professional her work looked for a recently graduated student. 
“I look forward to working with you too, and thanks again for giving me the job Mr. Tambellini." Amelie smiled up at him as she slipped her portfolio under her arm and stepped out of his office and back into the hallway. 
"Please call me Steve.  Now if you have any questions before Monday don't hesitate to call."  Steve shook Amelie's hand as she nodded her head and walked back down the hallway and outside into the November air.  After she was sure she was alone Amelie squealed and jumped up and down before pulling her cell phone out of her hand bag and  quickly calling her best friend Isabelle. 
"Bells guest what?!?" Amelie shrieked into the phone as she leaned against the side of the building.  "I got the job! Isn't that exciting?"
"Congrats Aims I knew you would get it!" Isabelle or Bells as her friends called her, squealed and yelled to her boyfriend Tyler that Amelie had gotten the job in Edmonton.  "Ty says congratulations too."
"Tell him thanks.  God I'm so hyped now.  This is like my wish come true.  My life is perfect." Amelie giggled as she began walking down the sidewalk back towards the hotel she was staying at.  "Now I'm just going to have to find an apartment.  I'm glad I still have leftover money from college.  It's going to be a big help in getting me settled down here."  
Amelie said all serious now.  She wasn't the type of person who normally got too excited in public. She was normally a quiet person when she was around other people especially strangers.
"Hopefully it won't take you long to find an apartment.  You don't want to have to live out of a hotel forever."  Bells knew how much Amelie hated not being able to do her own cooking and stuff.
"I hope not...Hey Bells I have to go.  I didn't charge my phone this morning and I think the battery is starting to die." Amelie said sadly as she dodged a little girl walking with her mother. 
"Hey its okay Aims.  Text me when you get back to the hotel.  Maybe I can get Ty to look up and see if there are any apartments near Rexall Place for rent." Isabelle said as she already had her boyfriend pulling up the internet on their computer to check.
"Oh that would be wonderful Bells.  I want to be able to sit down and get a rough idea of what I want to do for this job.  I still didn't get all the details but I got the just of it anyway."  Amelie smiled and then said goodbye to her friend as she stopped at a crosswalk and waited for it to change.  She looked down to put her phone back in her bag and when she looked up she was staring into a pair of bright blue eyes.


"Yo dude there she is!" Jordan all of sudden blurted out as he and Taylor were walking down the sidewalk.  He dodged to the other side of Taylor and pointed over Taylor's shoulder towards a curly haired girl talking on her phone and walking down the street directly towards them. 
"Man just go talk to her." Taylor laughed at Jordan's antics as he studied the girl.  She wasn't very tall and was wearing shoes that certainly didn't add to her height.  She had long curly dark brown hair that seemed to be on the verge of uncontrollable.  She wore a pair of glasses that to Taylor actually made her look prettier.  Most girls didn't look good in glasses but this girl seemed to be able to style them perfectly.  He chuckled slightly to himself.  She looked like a modern day nerd.
"I can't! You go. Please! Tell her that I'm still sorry for spilling her drink on her shirt and ask her how her interview went." Jordan hissed in Taylor's ear and then proceeded to dodge around the corner of the building beside them so he was unseen.  Taylor rolled his eyes at his buddy and walked towards the girl who had stopped about 20 feet from him and was in the process of putting her phone back into her purse.
"Hello." Taylor said smiling as the girl jumped and stared up at him with wide eyes.  At least he had the element of surprise going for him.
"Umm hello." Amelie stuttered as she took a small step back from the large blonde haired guy in front of her.  She knew exactly who he was but she wasn't about to let on that she did.
"Listen my friend Jordan who is hiding around the corner of that building by the way, well he just wants to make sure that his mess on your shirt didn't screw up your interview." 
Taylor said trying not to laugh at the girls’ expression as she glanced over where Jordan was peeking out from behind the building.  When she saw him watching she blushed and looked down at her feet.
"No it didn't.  I got the job." Amelie mumbled just barely loud enough for Taylor to be able to hear her.
"Well that’s good to know.  So anyway I know Jordan wanted to know your name.  He has been like Mr. Stalker Man ever since he bumped into you.  Pretty much over obsessive about trying to find out who you were." 
Taylor chuckled.  At least he was getting a laugh at his friends’ expense.
"He was!? Over me?" Amelie burst out before she could stop herself.  She covered her mouth with her hand and stared wide eyed at Taylor. "Oops." She giggled nervously.  Taylor smiled down at her and laughed.
"Yeah you.  When Ebs gets something in his head he can't get it out easily. So maybe if you could give me your name at least he might be able to catch some sleep before game."
"Oh yeah you guys play tonight don't you.  My names Amelie. I hate to run but I have to get back the hotel.  I have some work to do." Amelie said shyly as she went to step around Taylor and cross the street.  She had made it to the other side of the road before Taylor yelled after her.
"Oh yeah my name’s Taylor!" He laughed as she spun around and gave him a big smile.
"I knew that already." Amelie laughed and got up the courage to wave at Jordan who was still peeking around from behind the building before turning and walking on down the street.


"So did you get her name? Did she get the job?" Jordan asked as he stopped beside Taylor who was just turning around.
"Yeah I did, it's Amelie and she got the job.  She seems pretty sweet." Taylor said giving Jordan a smirk especially when Jordan sent him a death glare.
"Don't even think about it Hallsy.  I saw her first." Jordan huffed and started walking towards the condo he shared with Taylor.
"Technically you didn't see her until after you hit her...but you saw her before I did." Taylor finished hurriedly when Jordan turned to give him another glare.
"I can't wait until she starts working at Rexall." Jordan spoke almost to himself.  As they walked down the sidewalk he got a big grin on his face as he said her name in his head. Amelie. It fit her perfectly.