Saturday, October 15, 2011

Summers End -- 13

Oh my good lord! It's been like eight months since I have updated!?!?! SUPER sorry guys! Have been busy with school and work and some personal stuff. But I'm back! I might not be able to post too often but I will keep this story going! I hope you enjoy this chapter and I promise it won't be another eight months until the next one!

(I jumped forward to present time because it's too hard to think back!)

Amelie stepped off the plane and slid her sunglasses back over her eyes as she walked towards the terminal.  She was excited to get to her aparement to drop off her stuff and get over to the arena.  After a long summer she was excited to see the guys again.
Amelie smiled as she thought about her sort-of boyfriend Jordan Eberle.  She hadn't seen him all summer because she had been too busy with her summer job to fly out west.
As Amelie waited for her luggage she thought about the past year.  Things had been perfect until Jordan had hotten injured.  He had turned moody and distant to the point that Amelie had turned to Taylor for advice and friendship.  Taylor had told her not too press Jordan and let him be.  So she had.
Amelie had thrown herself into her work and refused to think about Jordan's attitude or him in general.   She avoided him whenever possible and only had short conversations with him when they did have to speak.
Finally after he had started playing again, Jordan had shown up at her office door with chocolates and a large apology speech.  Amelie hadn't been able to turn him away. Not with the way he had looked at her.
They had agreed to take things slow and so they had.  Amelie knew why they were but after four months of being seperated she hoped they could finally move past everything for good and make their relationship official.
Amelie absently grabbed her bags and headed for the exit to hail a cab to her apartment.
Half an hour later Amelie was checking herself in the mirror before heading out the door for Rexall Place. 
The five minute walk went by quickly (thankfully) for Amelie as she stepped through the arena doors and headed for the rink where the boys were having practice.
Just as she was passing the dressing room, the door opened and hit her square in the face.
Amelie let out a shriek as she fell backward and her head smacked off the floor.
She heard a voice shout for help and opened her eyes to see the culprit who had opened the door kneeling down by her head.
Amelie groaned and felt herself starting to pass as out as she closed her eyes.
"So your the Nuge."


  1. I loved it and am so glad that you are writing agian

  2. soooooo happy you are starting to write more and I can't wait until you post the next part. I absulutly (think that's how you spell it) LOVE your stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (14 excilmation points for #14 Jordan Eberle)

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