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Content To Be Silent -- 11

Oh my gosh I'm soooo  sorry.  It's been forever hasn't it? I don't know what happened but I just kind of got lost and forgot about this sorry lol.  Had a dream last night though about the leading man (yes I'm pathetic I know lol) and it sparked me to FINALLY write the next chapter :) Hope you enjoy it!

Isabelle and Tyler arrived just as Amelie and some of the guys were walking into the parking lot.  Amelie smiled as she made her way over to her two friends.  None of the boys on the team knew that Tyler was Isabelle’s boyfriend, but she knew a lot of them had watched his movies. 
“Belle, Tyler I want you to meet the boys.  This is Jordan Eberle, Taylor Hall, Shawn Horcoff, Ryan Whitney, Magnus Paajarvi, and Andrew Cogliano.  Guys this is my best friend Isabelle Reilly and her boyfriend Tyler Laughton.”  Amelie gave the boys a big smile as a couple of them stared in shock.
“As in THE Tyler Laughton?!” Taylor asked as he looked Ty up and down.
“Yeah that’s me.” Tyler laughed as he held out his hand for them to shake. “I’m a big fan.” He added, giving them a smile.
 “Wow.  I’m a big fan of yours.  Why didn’t you tell us Aims?” Shawn asked as he and the rest of the guys shook Tyler’s hand.  Only Magnus didn’t really know who Tyler was, but he had an idea because the rest of the guys talked about some of his movies.
“I didn’t figure it was that big of a deal. Now can we eat? I don’t know about you clowns, but I’m starving.” Amelie laughed as she linked her arm through Belle’s and they started walking down the sidewalk to the restaurant that Jordan had taken her to the time they went out for lunch.  The boys followed behind them discussing movies and hockey while the girls’ quietly whispered about Jordan.
“Wow Aims, he is fucking adorbs.  You were holding back in your emails girl.  How come you haven’t made a move yet?” Belle asked as she and Amelie broke out into a fit of giggles that made the boys stop talking and look at them.  The girls glanced back at them and started giggling again.  Tyler shook his head and continued on with his conversation.  He knew that they were talking about boys.  It was obvious by the looks on their faces.
“I don’t know Belle.   He just seems so shy that I feel if I push the issue I’m going to scare him away.” Amelie admitted as they neared the restaurant.  Isabelle rolled her eyes and gave Amelie a little shove.
“Girl trust me, he isn’t going to run away.  He is wrapped around your finger even if you haven’t noticed it.  I have met him for what, like five seconds? And I already know how into you he is.” Belle laughed as Amelie gave her a look and then stopped in front of the restaurant.
“Okay, enough girl talk, let’s eat.” She announced as Jordan opened the door and allowed the girls to go through before him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So Isabelle, what do you do?” Jordan asked as everyone was relaxing in the booth after they had finished eating.  He had his arm loosely draped over Amelie’s shoulders and she was leaning into him slightly, which made everyone at the table smile because it was so obviously they were into each other. 
“I’m an equestrienne.  I ride horses.” She added after most of the group gave her a funny look.  “I show jump.  Like where you ride the horsie around and jump fences.”  Belle rolled her eyes as the group gave her a blank look.  She looked at Amelie with a look that said that these guys were idiots.  That caused Amelie to start laughing and everyone to give her a weird look.
“Wow you guys must live under a rock.” Belle said as she gave them a distasteful look.  She always hated when people had no idea what she was talking about.  Tyler snorted and gave her a one armed hug when she turned to glare at him.
“No, they just have their heads shoved too far into their skate bags sometimes.” Amelie giggled as Belle gave her a smirk and they high-fived across the table.
“Hey now, we sometimes let in the outside culture.”  Andrew said laughing as he and Ryan exchanged looks.
“Strip clubs don’t count.” Isabelle deadpanned as she stared at them with a blank look on her face.  Taylor, Jordan and Magnus all snorted and Shawn burst out laughing.
“You are my new best friend.” Shawn chuckled as Andrew and Ryan both gave him a dirty look and Isabelle laughed.
“I just tell it like it is.  Besides he was asking for it.” Belle smiled and Tyler shook his head at his girlfriend.
“Well as much as this is fun, some of us do have to work, and by some of us, I mean me.” Amelie smiled as Jordan stood and held out his hand to allow Amelie to stand up. 
“You guys can stay if you want, I will walk Amelie back to the rink.” Jordan said as he pulled out some cash and laid it on the table for Amelie and his’ lunch.  Amelie glared at him and tried to make him take his money back.
“I said I would buy.” She said as Jordan started pushing her towards the front door.
“Well I paid this time, so you can owe me a next time.” Jordan gave her a smile and Amelie shook her head before smiling back.  They waved goodbye to their friends and headed out the door and down the street.
“Your friends seem really nice.  How come you never told us that Isabelle’s boyfriend was Tyler Laughton?” Jordan asked as they walked down the sidewalk.
“I don’t know, I guess I just never really thought about it.  They have been together so long that I just forget that he is famous.” Amelie said truthfully.  Jordan smiled down as her as they walked and reached almost tentatively for her hand as they walked.  Amelie smiled down at their joined hands and squeezed Jordan’s hand slightly so that he knew it was alright. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They walked most of the way back to the arena in silence as nothing really needed to be said.  They were both content just to walk together.  As they walked into the building and up to Amelie’s office, they continued holding hands even though it got a few strange looks from some of the people who worked in to office.
“So, do you think maybe we could go to dinner sometime next week when we get back from the road trip?” Jordan asked as they stopped outside Amelie’s office.  Jordan knew she wasn’t going on this upcoming road trip because she was staying behind to do some updating on the website so dinner would have to wait until after the road trip.
“Sure, let me know the details when you figure them out okay?” Amelie smiled up at him.
“Alright I will.  Well I guess I will see you later then?” Jordan said as he turned to start heading down the hallway.
“Yeah I guess you will.  And if not, you have my cell number.” Amelie smiled before turning to open her office door.  Just as she swung open the door, Jordan said her name.
She turned just as his arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her into him as he leaned down and kissed her softly.  Amelie smiled and wrapped her arms around his neck as she kissed him back.  When he stepped back he gave her a big smile before turning and walking down the hallway.  Amelie stood watching him as she leaned against the doorframe.  Her lips still tingled where his had met hers and she knew she had a goofy grin on her face but she didn't care.  Man that boy could kiss.

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