Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Shootouts -- 10

Hey guys, sorry this isn't that long but I didn't know how else to write this chapter.  It' more of a filler chapter.  Hope you are liking the story so far and please don't forget to make comments and suggestions.  Also if you know anyone who might be interested in this story please tell them about it.  The more feedback the better.  This is kind of a warm-up story for me.  I'm hoping to begin writing another one when this is done, but the next one won't be about real hockey player, it will be totally fictional.

At six a.m. Amelie's doorbell rang. 
"Who the fuck shows up at someone's door at this time of day." Amelie grumbled to herself as she rolled out of bed and grabbed a hair tie to put her hair up quickly as she walked towards her front door.  The doorbell rang once more and Amelie rolled her eyes as she padded across her kitchen floor.
"Hold your horses I'm coming!" Amelie shouted as she reached the front hallway.  If it was Jordan or Taylor she was going to wring their necks and face the consequences from the Oilers fanbase.  Amelie peeked through the peep hole and let out a loud shriek as she quickly unlocked the door and swung it open.
"Oh my gosh you two! What are you doing here?" Amelie squealed as she hugged her unexpected guests. 
"We thought we would come up and spend some time with you!" Isabelle squealed as she hugged Amelie again as they stepped into the apartment.
"That and Belle was having Amelie withdrawal.  She was sulking without her partner in crime and since I had some time off from filming, I figured we might as well get away for a while." Isabelle's boyfriend Tyler said in his deep voice as he set their luggage down in the hallway so he could take off his coat.  Amelie never could get over that Tyler Laughton was her best friends boyfriend.  Tyler was an extremely talented actor who made millions from his movies.  He had the good looks to back it up.  He was six foot three with black spiky hair and was part Native American.  Amelie had always felt as though Ty was her "big brother".  He was always there for her, and always made sure she had whatever she needed.
"Oh Bells I'm so glad you guys are here! Wait until you meet everyone! This is going to be the best time ever!" Amelie hugged them both once more before escorting them to the guest room in her apartment.  They talked for a little while longer before Isabelle declared that she needed some sleep and Amelie had to head to the arena anyway.  Amelie promised to call them when she was just about finished so they could come to the arena and then they could all go out for lunch.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
"Wow you look happy today? Did you get some last night or something?" Shawn laughed as Amelie spun around to stare at him as they were walking down the hall towards the rink.  Amelie had decided to watch the morning skate and had come down just as the boys were getting on the ice.
"No! My best friends came to visit today for a little while and I am just excited to see them." Amelie sputtered as she tried to recover from what Shawn had said. 
"Oh I figured you and Jordan got it on pretty good last night, especially they way he was hanging on to you.  I did notice he let Cogs have a turn though so I guess he hasn't hit super protective mode yet." Shawn laughed as Amelie shook her head at him and smiled.
"How about you quit yapping at me captain and get out there and actually do something." Amelie smirked as Shawn gave her a look and jumped onto the ice.
Amelie walked out and sat on the players bench while the guys ran drills and goofed off a little.  Every once in a while one of the guys would skate over to get a drink and would have a quick conversation with her before they skated back to their teammates.  Taylor had threatened to spray her with his water bottle and Andrew had made her refill his and their antics made Amelie feel as if she was a part of the team and not just another staff member in the organization.
"Hey Aims how's it going? Horc said you had guests.  You should call them and tell them to come to the arena right now." 
Ryan Whitney said as he leaned over the board to grab his bottle from the carton on the floor by Amelie's feet.  Ryan had been one of the guys who had intimidated Amelie and she had thought he wasn't going to be as friendly but he had surprised her by being one of the funniest guys on the team and one of the friendliest.
"Your right Ryan, I should.  Hey ask around and see if any of the guys want to go out to lunch after.  We can have a group outing." Amelie smiled as she pulled ou her phone and began to dial.
"I will kid." Ryan shot her a quick smiling before turning and gliding back to his buddies.  It was near the end of practice and they were goofing off trying to see who had the best shootout moves.
"Hey Belle it's Amelie.  Look some of the guys want to go out to lunch, so if you and Ty head down here soon then by the time the guys are done practice we should all be ready to go." Amelie spoke into her phone as she watched Shawn try the spin-o-rama move and fall on his ass.  She laughed as the guys started giving Shawn shit for it and Shawn had a huge grin on his face as he gave them crap right back.
"Alright we will be there in 20.  I want to meet this cute guy you keep talking about in your emails." Isabelle laughed as Amelie and her exchanged good byes and hung up.
"Hey Shawn I thought you had skill!" Amelie shouted as she hung up the phone and the guys turned to look at her with grins on their faces. 
"Hey Amelie shut up!" Shawn shouted back as he couldn't think of a comeback.  Everyone started laughing and Amelie jumped up to sit on the boards.
"Alright boys, show me your moves and whoever I think has the best gets to sit beside me at lunch AND I will pay for their lunch." Amelie gave them a big grin as they all suddenly looked serious and began jostling for a spot.  Shawn ended up going first and weaved his way towards Devan who was in goal.  Shawn shot it high glove side and Devan quickly stuck his hand out and grabbed it.  Shawn swore and pretended to smash his stick off the glass in frustration.  He skated over and leaned on the boards beside Amelie as they watched a couple more guys go that didn't do anything spectacular either.  Then it was Jordan's turn.  Amelie felt the need to embaress him because he seemed so serious about it.
"Hey Jordy win this for me okay! It could be our first date." Amelie winked at him as Shawn started laughing loudly beside her along with some of the other guys.  Jordan blushed and seemed flustered as he almost missed grabbing the puck at the start.  Shawn snorted at that and Amelie giggled.  Then they both went wide eyed as Jordan deked hard right and Devan went sliding that way as Jordan dived left at the last second and backhanded the puck into the net top shelf.
"I guess he does do it religiously." Amelie murmured as Shawn shook his head in amazement.
"The kid does have some serious skill." Shawn said softly as Jordan skated towards them with a grin on his face. They last couple guys that had to go turned and started skating towards them.
"We give up Aims.  That is unbeatable." Taylor said as he tapped Jordan on the butt with his stick as Jordan skated by. 
Amelie gave them a smile then blushed as Jordan stopped right in front of her.  They were right at eye level with each other and Jordan gave her a big grin and a wink.
"Let's go get lunch sweetheart."


  1. OH shut up, that was so cute!
    "Let's go to lunch sweetheart" - well, okay... if you insist sir* HAHAHA!!

  2. Oooooooooooooh first date. Sassypants!