Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hook Line & Sinker -- 9

Hey guys sorry about the wait, my school work is taking up much of my time. 
Anyway, Oilers are on a four game win steak!! So because they are playing so well, I am adding a couple photos of the last couple games of a couple of the guys. Photos are not mine. 
Hope you like this chapter. Sorry about the language.

Jordan and Amelie didn’t speak on the way to the club.  Amelie was angry at Shawn and at Jordan for putting her in this situation.  Jordan was trying to figure out how he was going to divert Jamie-Lynn’s anger towards him and not towards the girl in the hot outfit who was sitting next to him fiddling with the hem of her mini skirt and driving Jordan crazy.  Finally they arrived at the club and Jordan turned to look at Amelie.
“Look I’m sorry about this.  If you want to go home then I can take you home.” Jordan gave Amelie a small smile as she turned to look at him.  It almost surprised him when she gave him a smirk.
“No I’m good.  Sometimes a girl has to let loose, even if it is on a crazy ex-girlfriend.” Amelie giggled as Jordan gave her an open-mouthed look of shock.  “What? I never said I was always nice.” She giggled again before opening her door and climbing out before leaning back in to look at Jordan, who was getting a good view of her cleavage. “Are you coming or not?”
Jordan nodded his head and jumped out of the car and slammed the door before running around to walk beside Amelie.  She slipped her arm through his and together they walked towards the entrance.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Whoa someone cleans up good and I’m not talking about you Jordan.” Taylor practically tackled them as they walked through the doors.  Amelie would never understand why Taylor was so attached to Jordan.  Sometimes their man love for each other was a little weird.
“Thanks Taylor.  When I found out I got to fight some chick I was kind of wishing I had worn my jeans though.” Amelie chuckled as Taylor let out a loud laugh and Jordan’s face had a pained look on it.  Amelie squeezed his arm hoping he would lighten up.  It wasn’t going to be that bad.
“Who the fuck is this?” A high pitched squeak came from behind them and Taylor winced as he and Jordan exchanged looks before Jordan turned around.
“Hi Jamie-Lynn.” He said weakly as Amelie whipped her head around the give the girl who was glaring at her a blank stare.
“Shut up Jordan.  Who the fuck are you?” Jamie-Lynn repeated as she stepped closer and tried to wedge herself between Amelie and Jordan as Amelie assessed her with a bored look.
“Maybe if you ask nicely I might tell you sweetheart but I’m not going to go telling you now that you have established that you’re a first rate bitch.”  Amelie smirked at the 5 foot blonde in front of her.  She could almost feel Jordan’s shock rolling off him in waves as he stared at her in shock.  Taylor had stared for a moment before hysterically laughing so loudly that Amelie was starting to wonder if she was going to have to give him mouth to mouth from lack of oxygen. 
“Listen you stupid slut.  You just can’t show up and think he is all yours because he is not.” Jamie-Lynn’s nasally voice was going to give Amelie a headache. 
“Alright listen sweetheart.  You’re going to shut the hell up and leave Jordan and I the fuck alone.  Go back to your little clones over there and get a life.” Amelie stood almost nose to nose with the blonde who actually took a small step back.  Amelie gave her a smirk and the middle finger before turning and taking Jordan and Taylor by the arm and walking towards the bar.  Jamie-Lynn gave Amelie’s back a nasty look before walking back to her friends and the guys they had been flirting with.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Man girl you are my fucking hero.” Taylor laughed while giving Amelie a hug as they stood by the bar with a couple of the other guys.  Amelie blushed as everyone laughed as Taylor re-told the story about what had been said by the door.
“It’s not a big deal Taylor.  I just hate people that think they are all that and think they own everything.” Amelie shrugged off everyone’s compliments about how she had more balls than half the guys on the team.  Jordan slipped his arm around her shoulder and Amelie leaned against him as he handed her a glass of Coke.  Amelie had told him before that she didn’t drink and he respected that.
“Thanks Jordan.  How you feeling?” Amelie asked as she glanced up at him.  Jordan smiled down at her and took a sip of his drink before answering.
“I’m doing darn well I think.  I’m here with my buddies, I have a pretty girl next to me and I’m an NHL hockey player.  Life couldn’t be better.” Jordan clinked his glass with hers before they both took another sip.
“Your life does sound pretty great.” Amelie laughed up at him then shrieked as she was suddenly pulled away from Jordan and her drink was taken out of her hand and set on the bar.
“Come on darling, their playing our song.” Andrew Cogliano chuckled as he spun Amelie in a circle and pulled out to the dance floor.  Jordan chuckled and watched them for a moment before turning towards his teammates and joining in their conversation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So Aims what are your plans with Ebs?” Andrew chuckled as he spun Amelie around as Superman by Taylor Swift played in the background.  Amelie gave him a wide eyed look that caused him to laugh loudly.
“We are just friends, I don’t know why no can accept that.” Amelie tried to give Andrew a dirty look but his smile was contagious and she was soon laughing too.
“Maybe we can’t accept it because we know he doesn’t.  Ebs doesn’t get distracted easily and you are on his mind all the time.  He may not show it but that kid totally wants in your pants.” Andrew gave Amelie a wink that caused her to trip over her own feet and Andrew had to be quick to catch her before the she hit the ground.
“Geez Aims if I knew you felt that way we could have run away a long time ago.” Andrew laughed harder as Amelie gave him a soft punch in the shoulder as she tried to keep some of her dignity.
“Trying to get your claws into her are you Cogs?  I never thought you went for computer nerds.” Taylor appeared behind them with a huge grin on his face and Amelie just shook her head in amazement at the kid who seemed to appear out of nowhere. 
“Most computer nerds don’t look like her Hallsy.” Andrew chuckled as he slung an arm around Amelie shoulder and started walking back towards the bar and Jordan.
“Guess I should return you before he thinks we are planning to runaway together.”
Amelie shook her head and smiled as she leaned into Andrew as they walked back towards Jordan.  She loved feeling like part of the family and the joking only made her feel closer to the guys.  These were her boys and she would stand up for any one of them in a heartbeat.
“Hey Ebs I brought your girl back in one piece.  Even though she did get a little out of breath at how sexy I am.” Andrew stopped beside Jordan and gave Amelie a hug before heading off to find another girl to dance with.  Amelie rolled her eyes and gave Jordan a smile as he handed her back her drink and slipped his arm around her waist.

*  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Hey I don’t want to sound like a downer but I’m getting pretty tired.  Do you think you could drive me home?” Amelie asked Jordan a little while later as they were walking back to the bar after dancing.  Jordan nodded and quickly told the guys that they were leaving before walking with Amelie to his car.
“Did you have fun tonight?” Jordan asked as they drove through the night city of Edmonton.
“I did, even though your girlfriend is a bitch.” Amelie gave him a smirk as he shot her a look.
“That girl won’t ever be my girlfriend.  I’m not into the clingy jealous type.” Jordan spoke seriously as he weaved his way through night traffic towards Amelie’s apartment complex.
“I know Jordan, it’s pretty obviously.” Amelie smiled and leaned her head against the window as Jordan smiled and turned up the radio as they drove through downtown.  All too soon they were pulling up in front of her apartment.  Amelie sighed and turned to look at Jordan.
“Thanks for taking me out tonight, even if Shawn was the one that had to ask.” Amelie smiled as Jordan blushed. 
“It’s no problem.  I wanted to ask you but Jamie-Lynn is such a pain in my ass that I didn’t want her to bother you.  Turns out I didn’t need to worry.” Jordan gave Amelie a smile as they both chuckled.
“No you didn’t, I can take care of myself.  I will see you tomorrow okay? Get some sleep, you have practice at ten.” Amelie leaned over to give Jordan a kiss on the cheek before stepping out of the car and running towards the front door.  Jordan watched her go before reaching up to touch his cheek.  Man that girl had him hook line and sinker.


  1. I love how she stuck up for him. But she'd better start realizing that someone doesn't stand with his arm around you all night in a club if he's not feeling it!

  2. They're so utterly adorable and clueless together* I <3 it!!