Monday, November 29, 2010

Bitchy Side -- 8

Hey guys sorry about the delay.  Had a pretty busy week. Got to meet Hayley Wickenheiser (Captain of Team Canada Women's Gold Medal Olympic Hockey Team) and I got to hold her gold medal! Was pretty awesome.  Anyway here is the next chapter.  Sorry it's a little shorter then some.  Comment and review!!

"Hey Aims are you coming out with us tonight?" Horcoff asked as Amelie finished updating the website with his new post.  It had been a week since their horrible road loss and they had come back to win against Colorado the night before.  Some of the guys were planning a night out on the town because they had
a couple days before their next game.
"I don't know.  No one has asked me." Amelie said as she logged off her computer and stood to grab her coat and purse.  Shawn had come in right when she was about to leave so she had wanted to put his post in before she forgot.  He stood up to and waited for her as he held the door open.
"Well I'm inviting you so you should come." Shawn gave her a smile as they walked out the door and headed down the hallway towards the parking lot.  Shawn had offered her a ride back to her new apartment because it was a bitterly cold day.
"Is Cindy coming?" Amelie asked as they both jogged to the car carefully avoiding the ice on the pavement.  Shawn didn't answer until they were in his car and he had started the motor.
"No, she is staying home to look after the kids." Shawn smiled as he waited for the car to warm up before pulling out of the parking lot and driving the twelve blocks to Amelie's new apartment building.  After pulling up and making Amelie promise that she was coming out tonight, Shawn told her that he would pick her up at eight and that she was to be ready.
"Don't make us late!" Shawn shouted as he pulled away from the curb.  Amelie laughed and shook her head as she turned and walked into the warmth of the

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Hey Ebs I told Amelie that she was coming out with us.  You guys want to pick her up or should I?" Shawn chuckled as he finished getting ready to go out with the boys.  Cindy had turned him down when he had offered to stay home, saying that he needed some boy bonding time.
"Jesus Horc why did you do that? I didn't invite her because I know Jamie-Lynn is going to be there." Jordan practically exploded into the phone.  His on again off again girlfriend Jamie-Lynn was a total puck bunny.  Jordan was continuesly the guy she turned to because he was hot, had a big paycheck,and was a
big name player.  Jordan didn't care that she didn't really like him for him because she was hot, and he needed to get his rocks off some how but ever since meeting Amelie he had avoided Jamie because he was done with her.
"Oh geez sorry Ebs.  I didn't think about her." Shawn groaned as he slapped himself in the forehead.  Now he knew why he never involved himself in his teammates personal lives.
"Great man just great.  I will pick up Amelie and TRY to explain to her before we get there." Jordan swore under his breath and hung up the phone.
"Dude what's wrong now?" Taylor asked Jordan as he walked into the kitchen as he did up the buttons on his shirt.
'Horc invited Amelie out and I know Jamie is going to be there.  It's going to be serious drama." Jordan leaned his head against the counter and thought about what he was going to say to Amelie to try to explain why Jamie was going to go balistic.
"It will be with Jamie involved.  Good luck man." Taylor said as he slapped Jordan on the back with a laugh and headed back to his room.
"Fuck you Hallsy." Jordan groaned.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

At exactly eight Jordan's car rolled to a stop in front of Amelie's apartment.  She gave him a confused look as she climbed into the passenger seat.
"I thought Shawn was picking me up?" She asked as Jordan turned to stare at her with a wide eyed look.  Amelie smiled internally.  She had straightened her hair and pulled it into a loose ponytail.  Her outfit consisted of an off the shoulder navy blue blouse with a black mini skirt and knee high boots that Isabelle always called hooker boots.
"He umm well he uhh told me that uhh I should pick you uhhh up." Jordan stuttered over his words.  Oh man tonight was going to be awful.  Jamie was going to murder him and Amelie probably was too when she found out.  I mean how else would a girl react when the guy who has been flirting with you the entire time tells you that he has a sort-of girlfriend who will be at the club and will want to tear her hair out when she sees her. Oh great.
"Oh well it's nice to be surprised." Amelie laughed at Jordan's obviously distraction of her outfit.
"So umm I have something to tell you.  My uhh ex uhh sort-of girlfriend is uhh going to be at the club tonight and she is kind of umm obsessive so she might
uhh say some rude things to uhh you or umm go after you." Jordan mentally slapped himself in the head because he sounded like a total idiot and the look Amelie was giving him was not good.
"Oh hell no. No bitch is going to come after me." Amelie glared at Jordan.  Damn him for putting her in the weirdest situations. Jordan's expression almost made her laugh through her anger.  He was looking at her with such a look of disbelief and shock.  Guess he didn't know she had a bitchy side.


  1. Uh-oh, drama central!!
    This should be amusing*

    Glad you like ALS, and I'm intrigued by this because it's about players I don't really know*

    And it's been cute so far*

  2. Oh no, showdown off the ice. I love it! It makes me picture Jamie-Lynn Spears... barf. (PS: Hi to Mel above me here in the comment queue!)