Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bumping Into You -- 1

Here goes my first shot at writing on here.  Comments are welcome and suggestions are welcome and encouraged too.  Hope you like it!

"Hey! Watch where you’re going!"  Amelie snapped at the guy who had just run into her.  She swore under her breath as she spilt her cafe mocha down the front of her blouse and dropped the binder she was carrying onto the sidewalk.
"Oh crap I'm sorry." the guy said as he bent down and grabbed her binder off the snow dusted sidewalk before it could get too damp.  He stood up and groaned when he saw the damage he had done to her blouse. 
"It's okay I guess. I am as much to blame." Amelie finally looked up at the guy who had bumped her and all her breath left her body. "Holy shit you’re Jordan Eberle." she blurted out without thinking.  Jordan laughed nervously and handed back her binder.
"Uhh yeah I guess I am."
"Oh wow that sounded weird didn't it." Amelie blushed and took her binder back and tucked it under her elbow as she tossed what was left of her mocha in a nearby trash can.
"Kind of. It's not like I haven't heard it before anyway." Jordan smiled as he slipped his hands into his coat pockets and shifted back and forth.
"Hey listen since you know where it is do you think you could tell me how to get the Rexall Place.  I have an interview in about half an hour." Amelie said hugging her binder to her chest and looking at the ground.
"Oh it’s only about 3 blocks from here.  Go to the next block then turn left and continue walking. You can't miss it." Jordan chuckled. "So what are you being interviewed for? If you don't mind me asking." Jordan said looking at the 5"2' brunette in front of him.
"They want to start a new blog website and they need someone to run the site." Amelie said shyly looking up at one of her favourite players of all time and the guy who she secretly had a crush on.
"Oh yeah I heard them talking about that a couple days ago.  Something about the players having their own blogs to be able to connect more with the fans."
"Something like that.  I wasn't given all the details." Amelie pushed her glasses back up her nose as they slipped down. 
"Oh." Jordan watched her closely as she moved and he looked at her dark brown eyes as they stared at him.
"Well I guess I had better go. Don't want to be late AND messy." Amelie giggled nervously.
"True.  Well good luck and hopefully I will see you around." Jordan gave her an easy smile and stepped out of her way so she could continue down the street.
"Thank you." Amelie replied shyly and slipped past him.
"Oh wait..." Jordan spun but she was already walking quickly down the street away from him. "I didn't get your name" Jordan whispered to himself as he watched her walk.  He watched until she turned the corner at the end of the block before continuing on his way to meet Taylor for lunch.

"Holy shit I can't believe I just ran into Jordan Eberle." Amelie mumbled to herself as she walked through the doors of Rexall Place.  She found out where she was supposed to go from a security guard and walked quickly down the hallway.  She walked up to the receptionist exactly 5 minutes before her scheduled interview.
"You can go right in.  He is waiting for you." the receptionist named Becky said smiling at Amelie and handing her a damp napkin without Amelie even asking.  Amelie smiled and said thank you quietly as she wiped furiously at her shirt while walking down the hallway towards the general manager’s office.  She stopped outside the door and wiped at her shirt a few more times before sighing and shoving the napkin in her purse.
"Don't worry about it.  I'm not going to judge you on an accident." Steve Tambellini chuckled at the girl who was looking at the faint beige stain on her white blouse.
"Oh! You scared me." Amelie blushed bright red as she jumped.
"I'm sorry.  Jordan just left me a message saying he had bumped into a young lady who said she was on her way here for an interview.  He told me he had left an unfortunate mark on your shirt and I was to overlook it." Steve smiled and stepped back so she could enter his office. "So step right into my office Ms. Johnson."


"I looked down for a split second and next think I know BOOM I ran right into this gorgeous girl." Jordan said dramatically as he sat across from his buddy and housemate Taylor Hall.  He stopped to have a quick bite of his lunch before continuing on.  "After she realized who I was she went from this rattled angry poodle  to this adorable shy girl." Jordan chuckled as he remembered the way her cheeks turned bright red when she first looked him in the eye.
"You do have that affect on girls Ebs." Taylor laughed and leaned back in his chair.
"I guess.  I just hope Steve gives her the job.  I didn't even get her name.  There was something about her.  I want to get to know her."  Jordan stared out the window of the restaurant they were sitting in.  He sighed and went back to eating his lunch.
"Wow you must really be attracted to this girl." Taylor said staring at Jordan.  He had never seen him this flustered over a girl.  Jordan always had a smooth way of handling himself around women and he never seemed to get shook up over girls.
"It wasn't even her looks Hallsy.  I don't know exactly what it was but she just drew me in totally and completely." Jordan stared out the window again before looking back a Taylor, a determined look in his eye.  "I need to know everything about her."

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