Monday, November 22, 2010

Lunch Date Disasters -- 5

By the next morning Amelie had had five players including Jordan come to her about the website.  Amelie was excited to have that much interest that quickly.  She walked into her office and had barely sat down when there are a quick knock on her door and Jordan's head poked in the door, his baby blue eyes catching Amelie's attention because they seemed to have an extra sparkle in them. 
"Good Morning Jordan, something you need?" Amelie asked him with a smile.
"Nothing I just wanted to check in and make sure we were still on for lunch today." Jordan said giving her a brillant smile that made Amelie blush.
"Of course we are." Amelie smiled back as she leaned back in her chair and watched him seem to light up when she said she still wanted to go.
"Good, I can't wait.  Well I better get to practice before I get in crap for being late." Jordan said giving her another spine tingling smile and closing the door.


"Wow what has gotten into you Ebby?" Magnus asked after Jordan has given him a huge bodycheck during practice.
"I got a lunch date." Jordan gave gim a huge smile as he helped Mags up off the ice.
"With that computer chick?" Magnus smirked at Jordan as they both skated over to the bench.
"Yes her and she has a name Mags." Jordan added giving Magnus a little shove.
"Sorry Ebs."  Magnus laughed loudly which caused some of the other guys to look at them.  "I go see her yesterday about that website.  She is even cuter up close, no?"
"Yes she is." Jordan replied shortly and gave Magnus a glare, at which Magnus held up his hands in surrender.
"I no touch her Ebs.  She is all yours." Magnus chuckled and the two of them hopped off the ice and headed towards the locker room as Coach Renney called the end of practice.


"Alright would you two move!"  Jordan growled as he gave Shawn and Taylor both a glare.  The two of them had barricaded themselves in front of the locker room door and had refused to move because they knew Jordan had his date with Amelie.  In Jordan's eyes they were just being a bunch of jackasses.
"Wow Jordy I don't know if I should let you go on a date with a girl with an attitude like that." Shawn laughed as Jordan tried unsuccessfully to shove Taylor away from his side of the door.
"Come on you two let the poor boy go on his date."  Tom said chuckling as he walked out of his office with a smile on his face.
"Aww fine Coach.  If you say so." Taylor laughed as he and Shawn moved out of Jordan's way, who in turn practically sprinted out the door before he could suffer any more humiliation.  Unfortunatly it followed him right out the door. 
"Now Jordy don't forget to use protection!" Shawn's voice echoed off the walls as he leaned out the door of the locker room to watch Jordan's retreating back as he hurried down the hallway.  Jordan swung around and gave Shawn the middle finger before disappearing around the corner as the locker room's laughter trailed behind him.


Amelie was just opening the door to her office as Jordan appeared on the other side of it.  They both smiled nervously as Jordan turned and escorted her outside.
"So where are we going?" Amelie asked once they had started walking down the sidewalk in the cold Edmonton weather.
"One of my favourite places.  It's a nice place called Coliseum Steak & Pizza." Jordan smiled down at Amelie as he slipped an arm around her shoulders and hoped she wouldn't protest. 
"Sounds great.  I haven't really had a chance to check out local places yet."  Amelie smiled and blushed slihgtly at the warmth she felt from Jordan as he wrapped his arm around her.
They chatted about the website and before Amelie realized they had made it to the restaurant.  Jordan held open the door for her and then escorted her towards a table near the back.
After they had ordered Jordan leaned back in his seat and regarded Amelie with twinkling eyes.  "So tell me about yourself Amelie Johnson.  What don't I know about you?" He gave her a reassuring smile that Amelie quickly returned.
"Well I'm 20 years old.  I'm a June baby.  I just graduated from a college in Ontario where I was born and raised.  I love animals, and being outdoors except I hate winter but I love hockey." Amelie giggled and blushed slightly.  Just then their food arrived and instead of talking they ate.
They ate in slience for a while before Amelie looked up at Jordan. "So tell me about you. What don't I know about the famous Jordan Eberle?" She said giving him a shy smile.
"Well I.." and that's as far as he got before he was interrupted.
"Well now don't we just look like two snuggly pea's in a pod."
"Shawn." Jordan gritted his teeth and turned to glare at his captain.
"Hi Jordy, the team thought someone should check up on you and make sure you were treating this young lady properly." Shawn gave Amelie a grin and winked at her which made her laugh out loud.
"He seems to be behaving himself pretty well but you...well now that's a whole other story." Amelie gave Shawn her own wink and laughed when he looked at her in shock before laughing with her and giving her a high five while Jordan looked on in confusion.
"I like her Ebs. Lots of fire.  Keep her around would ya." Shawn laughed once again when Jordan gave him another glare.
"Can you leave?" Jordan growled between gritted teeth.
"Gee Jordy be nice to your elders.  He just wanted to make sure I hadn't corupted one of his superstars." Amelie giggled and Shawn gave her another high five.
"Well you two seem to be doing just fine.  I will see you both later." Shawn gave them a shit eating grin and walked out of the restuarant.
Jordan and Amelie talked a little bit more before getting ready to leave.  They exchanged numbers before they went in seperate directions.  Amelie was headed back to Rexall while Jordan was headed back to his home.  As Amelie walked her phone started buzzing in her pocket.  As she pulled it out and read the message she got a big smile on her face.
Life had certainly got a heck of a lot better.

"Had a great time today Amelie.  I can't wait to do it again." - Ebs.

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