Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Road Loss -- 7

Now I know that the Oilers played two road games, but in my story they only went to Phoenix and then returned home. I apologize for the language in this chapter. You have been warned.

“Come on Aims wake up.” Jordan said shaking Amelie’s shoulder as the plane got ready to descend into Phoenix.  She had been sleeping since they got on the airplane but then again so had almost everyone.  Amelie groaned and opened her eyes slowly as she stared up at Jordan who had his face about two inches from hers.
“Honestly Ebs do you think you could move?” She pushed him out of her face so she could stretch then realized that she had called Jordan by the nickname she had heard Taylor and Shawn call him so much.
“I think your becoming part of the team.” Jordan said laughing as he realized what she had said too.  Amelie laughed with him before they were instructed by the pilot to put on their seat belts.
Fifteen minutes later they had landed and were getting off the plane.  Jordan and Taylor were having a shoving match as they walked across the concrete towards the building.  Amelie was laughing at them and Shawn had his arm slung around her shoulder while he was explaining to her exactly what he was going to write for his first post for the website.  Amelie wished she had a tape recorder because then she could be able to listen to what he was telling her and be able to check back and see if he really wrote everything he was telling her right now.
“I can’t wait to read it Shawn.  It sounds highly entertaining.” Amelie said giggling as he held the door open for her with a bowing gesture and escorted her towards the luggage carrier.  Jordan and Taylor were still arguing who had beat the other one in their video game and both of them collided with Amelie as she stopped to grab her suitcase. Amelie hit the ground with a thud and the boys ended up right on top of her.  Shawn and some of the other players stood their laughing their heads off while Amelie swore loudly.
“Get your fat asses off of me!” she screeched and then swore again as one of them kneed her in the stomach. “Jesus I didn’t say squash me you idiots!”  All her swearing and complaining made the others laugh harder and because they were, Jordan and Taylor began to laugh too.  Amelie tried to glare at them but she couldn’t help but smile and laugh with them.
“I’m sorry Aims.  You okay?” Jordan asked honestly as he stood and held out a hand to help Amelie up as Taylor rolled off of her and was still sitting on the floor laughing. Amelie rolled her eyes at Taylor and reached for Jordan, allowing him to pull her up.
“I think my ass is going to bruise.  You two weigh too much.” Amelie said as she brushed off the back of her pants.
Jordan will kiss it better!” Taylor snorted as he jumped up and threw his arm around Amelie.  “You know he wants to.” He gave Amelie a big wink which caused the entire team to start laughing again.  Jordan glared at Taylor and Amelie reached out and squeezed his forearm, letting Jordan know that she knew Taylor was joking around.
“Alright if you rookies are done causing a commotion we have to be somewhere.”  Coach Renney said in as stern a voice he could muster even though he had been laughing just as hard as the rest of the guys.  Everyone chuckled and turned to grab their suitcases before heading to the bus that would take them to the hotel.

** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **

“Come on boys!” Amelie shouted in frustration as she watched the Oilers getting their butts kicked by Phoenix.  They were down four to nothing with about five minutes left to play.  It seemed as if every player had stopped playing except for Jordan, Taylor and Shawn.  They were the only three that still had their hearts in this game and Amelie knew they were also going to be the three that would take this loss the toughest.  She swore in frustration when Phoenix got another goal and she turned and left the box and headed for the locker room.  She wanted to get there before the players because she wanted to be in the room when they got read the riot act.  Walking in on the Coach’s angry speech would not be a good thing.
“What a disgusting game.  How could they be so stupid?” Amelie mumbled to herself as she stepped into the locker room.  She looked around and found Jordan’s stall.  She sat in it and leaned back against the wall.  She could hear the roar from the crowd as the game ended and then she could hear the slamming as players came down towards the locker room.  One by one they burst in the door, each mumbling to themselves or swearing out loud as they went to their stalls.  Jordan walked towards her his eyes down his face totally dejected.  Amelie gave him a small smile which he tried to return.  She stood and allowed him to sit down and begin taking off his gear.
“That was disgusting!  We think we win won game so we can sit back and not do a fucking thing!? Where did your hearts go? I thought you played this game because you loved it.  You played out there like you didn’t give a shit about this game.  We had one, ONE line that played like they cared.  If I have to go the rest of this season only playing that one line because they want to actually get out there and play then so be it! You got your sticks shoved so far up your asses that you can’t see straight.  That game was shit!” Coach Renney had stormed into the locker room and starting going off hardcore.  If Amelie hadn’t been a tiny bit afraid of him then she would have giggled.  She swore she could see smoke coming out his ears and his nose.  It was amazing how angry one person could get.
“Man we fucked up.” Jordan said softly to Amelie after Renney had left and the players were left to undress and speak to the media.
“No you didn’t. They did.  You played with your heart Jordan and you couldn’t have done anything more. This isn’t a one man show.” Amelie spoke softly as she squeezed his shoulder before going over and giving Shawn and Taylor the same speech.  She then gave the three of them each a smile before the left the room to give them some privacy to speak to the media.  Hopefully they could redeem themselves when they get home.

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