Monday, November 22, 2010

Conflicts and Emotion -- 4

Everyone's eyes turned towards the direction in which the voice had spoken from.
"That's fine.  I never said everyone HAD to do it.  It's optional." Amelie tried to sound confident even though her face was flaming red from embaressment.
"Come on Dustin.  Don't be such a spoil sport.  This sounds like it could be pretty
cool." Theo Pechham turned to Dustin Penner, the guy who had spoken out, and gave him a slight glare.
"Dude if you want to have a public diary like a teenager then go ahead but I'm not going to sprout off my feelings to the entire world."
Amelie took a deep breath and spoke "You don't have to tell your personal stuff.  You can do summeries of games, anything you want really.  You can even talk about the weather." She smiled hoping to lighten the tension.
Jordan giggled and because he did so did a couple of the other younger guys on the
team.  Amelie gave them a grateful smile before lookin back at Penner who was still
giving her a nasty look. 
"I do not want to do it.  Am I making myself clear?" Dustin growled as he turned to glare at the players who were still snickering.
"That's fine but I didn't need the damn attitude." Amelie snapped as her temper finally got the better of her.  Dustin looked at her once more with a dirty look before sitting back down at his stall.
Amelie looked around the room once more and tried to put a half smile on her face.  "If anyone has any questions about the website please let me know and for those of you who DO want to do this, please come see me in my office some time this week so I can get you set up." With that Amelie grabbed her laptop and walked briskly out of the locker room before her emotions got completely out of control.  She hated it when people were rude to her especially in front of others.


"I hope most of you will decide to do this website thing.  It's something I agree with
whole heartedly and I believe it's a great way to connect with our fan base."  Steve said before giving the boys a nod and walking out the door of the locker room.
"Alright boys that's everything for today.  Head on home or whereever you guys go." Coach Renney said as he clapped his hands together once before walking into his office.  As he closed his door the players all stood and spilt into their own personal groups and began to chat about numerous things.
"I'm sure your girly giggle totally impressed her eh Ebs." Taylor said laughing as he walked over to Jordan and gave him a little shove.  Their linemate and captain Shawn Horcoff overheard Taylor as he walked passed them.
"Oh so Ebby's got a crush on the new girl? That's so adorable." Shawn laughed and gave Jordan a nudge as Jordan's face turned red from embaressment.
"He literally ran into her last week." Taylor chuckled as he re-told the story to Shawn.
Jordan glared at both of them and walked out of the locker rooms and into the
hallway.  Shawn and Taylor followed him as they continued to laugh about Jordan's "crush".
"Hey Loverboy the exit is this way." Shawn snickered as Jordam started walking in the opposite way of the exit doors.
"I'm going to talk to Amelie about the website." Jordan said without turning around as he continued to walk down the hallway towards the elevator.
"Yeah alright Loverboy.  We will see you later then.  Try to behave yourself." Shawn and Taylor both laughed as they headed out the exit while Jordan turned to glare at their retreating backs before continuing on.


Amelie swore under her breath as she sat down in her office chair.  She knew that this wasn't going to be an easy job, working with male athletes never was, but she hadn't been ready for the outburst in front of everyone.  She sighed and began sorting the folders for each player into her filing cabinet.  Every player had their own folder because she wanted to make she she had a hard copy of everyone's entries.  Just as Amelie was finishing up there was a light knock at her office door."Come in." Amelie shouted softly as she turned towards the door as it opened.
"Hey...umm...I came to talk to you about the" Jordan said as he stepped inside the office and closed the door tentitavely. 
"Sure have a seat." Amelie smiled as she turned and sat at her desk.  She was more than glad to see a friendly face after what had happened in the locker room.  Jordan sat in the chair across from her and looked at the ground shyly.
"Okay can you fill this out for me?" Amelie asked as she handed him a piece of paper with some basic questions on it that she pulled from her binder.  Their hands brushed as Jordan took the paper and they both blushed.  As he filled out the paper Amelie stood and pulled Jordan's folder from the cabinet.  When Jordan finished he slid the paper across the desk to her and Amelie slipped it into his folder.  They then began to discuss how he wanted the layout of his page and they were quickly laughing and joking while they were working.  All too soon his web page was ready and he stood to leave.  Just as Jordan reached the door he turned and looked back at Amelie who was looking at him with a smile on her face and a slight blush.
"Hey uhh do you want to go to lunch tomorrow?" Jordan asked as he gave her a shy smile.
"Oh! Sure." Amelie smiled and blushed more as Jordan flashed her a big smile.
"Great. See you tomorrow." Jordan said as he walked out the door and closed it quietly behind him.
Amelie groaned and sat back in her chair. Oh boy if he looked at her like that too many time she was going to be in trouble.

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