Friday, November 19, 2010

Monday Morning -- 3

Amelie smiled as she walked through the doors of Rexall Place.  She still couldn't believe she would be working here.  She walking quickly down the hall and stopped outside Steve's office.  Amelie knocked softly and then wrapped her arms around her mid-section as she waited. 
"Good morning Amelie.  I'm glad to see you didn't change your mind about this job." Steve chuckled as he opened his door.  Amelie laughed with him and blushed.
"No I still can't believe I got the job.  It's like a dream come true."
"Let me know if you still think that after a couple weeks.  You’re going to be working very closely with the players and let me tell you; sometimes they can be difficult especially 
when we aren't doing as well." Steve smiled reassuringly at Amelie and then directed her farther down the hall towards her new office.  He quickly showed her where the 
necessitities were such as the bathroom and the staff lounge before he had to go to another meeting. "If you have any questions while I'm gone don't be afraid to ask Janice my 
secretary.  When I'm done with my meeting I will take you down and introduce you to everyone" Steve said giving Amelie another smile before he left.
Amelie nodded and sat down in the large office chair and hit the switch on the computer in front of her.  She had brought her own laptop but if this computer was up to date with 
all the new technology it would be easier on Amelie if she could just put all of her information on it and leave it there.  She already had an idea of what she wanted to do and she just needed to run it by the general manager and the players.  She thought it was a great idea but she didn't know how tough guys were going to react to it.


Jordan swore under his breath as he picked himself up off the ice.
"Come on Eberle! Where the hell is your game at?" Coach Renney yelled at Jordan as he skated up to him.  "That’s the third time you have missed the pass and fifth time you have been caught with your head down! If this was a real game you would probably be on a fucking stretcher by now!"
"I know Coach.  I will do better." Jordan looked at the ice and shuffled on his skates.  He knew he was fucking up and it was all because he was distracted.  He knew that right this minute Amelie was in the building in her new office.  Nothing had ever thrown him off his game like this girl had.  He had no idea why she affected him so much.
"What is wrong Ebs?" Magnus said skating alongside Jordan as he glided back to the bench.  Jordan stopped to get a mouthful of Gatorade before he answered. 
"I honestly don't know Mags." Jordan said trying to lie but he knew Taylor had told Magnus so he was SOL anyway.
"It is that girl is it not?" Magnus asked giving Jordan a little smirk.
"Yeah it is.  I just can't seem to get her out of my head." Jordan laughed quietly and set down his bottle as the coach yelled at them to quit gossiping and get working. "Let's go Mags.  This time I'm going to kick your ass."


"Alright Amelie are you ready to meet the players?" Steve asked as he walked back into Amelie's new office.  She jumped and glanced up at him with wide eyes.  She had been concentrating on her write up explaining exactly what she had hoped to do with the new website.  She had also made a rough website and had added her own post so that she had some visuals to back up her explanation.
"Sure I'm ready.  Did you want to hear what I am hoping to do before we go?" Amelie asked sounding slightly nervous as she stood up and grabbed her laptop.
"No I want to be able to hear it for the first time with the rest of the guys.  I'm sure it's a great idea." Steve smiled reassuringly and escorted Amelie down the players dressing room.


"Knock knock everybody.  I have the newest member of our family here." Steve said as he opened the door to the players’ dressing room and allowed Amelie to walk through first.  Everyone glanced up at the small young women who walked through the door.  Jordan couldn't help but give Mags a glare when he whistled under his breath.
"Guys this is Amelie Johnson.  She is the new website designer for our brand new blog site." Steve said smiling before he let Amelie have the floor as he leaned up against the door.
"Hi everyone.  You can call me Amelie or Aims.  I know you guys like to use nicknames so that’s the one I answer to the most." Amelie chuckled softly to herself as she blushed.  
She set her laptop down on a nearby table and attached it to the smart board before turning back to the players.  "Now I have an idea of what I would like to do but I haven't run 
it past anyone so if anybody has an questions or objections feel free to speak up." Amelie smiled nervously at them and avoided looking anyone directly in the eye, especially 
"I'm sure we are all going to love it, right boys?" Coach Renney said giving his players a stare before smiling at Amelie and allowing her to continue.
"I hope you will.  Now I have a rough draft of the website here that I created this weekend.  I also added in a post of my own just so you could get the idea." Amelie said as she 
pulled up the website and then pointed at the screen. "I thought that this could kind of be like each players diary of sorts." She chuckled when there was a collective groan from 
most of the guys.  "Now I don't mean like you have to tell the entire world your private life but more for like give your take on how games go and just give your point of view on 
different things.  You could also use it to give some more information about yourself that maybe your fans didn't know.  Like here is my post as an example." Amelie clicked on her 
post and took a deep breath to calm herself.  "I just kind of tell about some of the things going on in my life and then also give a little bit of information on your guys' last game.  
Now I don't know as much as you do but I tried my best." Amelie turned and gave them a smile.  She could tell that a lot of the players were buying into the idea and so were the staff.
"Did you want every player to have a blog of their own?" Steve asked hoping to give Amelie some more confidence.
"Well I'm hoping that the staff and the players would want to have their own blog but I don't think it should be made mandatory.  I hope everyone will be able to contribute in 
some way though." Amelie said glancing at him before looking back at the players. Suddenly a voice spoke up from near the back of the room.
"Oh hell no I'm not doing this bullshit."

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