Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting The Job -- 2

I'm hoping to be able to get up about a chapter a day but for today I have two chapters up. Read and Comment!

"I look forward to working with you Amelie.  I will see you bright and early Monday morning."  Steve said as he escorted Amelie out of his office.  He was impressed with the young woman’s knowledge of what she did and also how professional her work looked for a recently graduated student. 
“I look forward to working with you too, and thanks again for giving me the job Mr. Tambellini." Amelie smiled up at him as she slipped her portfolio under her arm and stepped out of his office and back into the hallway. 
"Please call me Steve.  Now if you have any questions before Monday don't hesitate to call."  Steve shook Amelie's hand as she nodded her head and walked back down the hallway and outside into the November air.  After she was sure she was alone Amelie squealed and jumped up and down before pulling her cell phone out of her hand bag and  quickly calling her best friend Isabelle. 
"Bells guest what?!?" Amelie shrieked into the phone as she leaned against the side of the building.  "I got the job! Isn't that exciting?"
"Congrats Aims I knew you would get it!" Isabelle or Bells as her friends called her, squealed and yelled to her boyfriend Tyler that Amelie had gotten the job in Edmonton.  "Ty says congratulations too."
"Tell him thanks.  God I'm so hyped now.  This is like my wish come true.  My life is perfect." Amelie giggled as she began walking down the sidewalk back towards the hotel she was staying at.  "Now I'm just going to have to find an apartment.  I'm glad I still have leftover money from college.  It's going to be a big help in getting me settled down here."  
Amelie said all serious now.  She wasn't the type of person who normally got too excited in public. She was normally a quiet person when she was around other people especially strangers.
"Hopefully it won't take you long to find an apartment.  You don't want to have to live out of a hotel forever."  Bells knew how much Amelie hated not being able to do her own cooking and stuff.
"I hope not...Hey Bells I have to go.  I didn't charge my phone this morning and I think the battery is starting to die." Amelie said sadly as she dodged a little girl walking with her mother. 
"Hey its okay Aims.  Text me when you get back to the hotel.  Maybe I can get Ty to look up and see if there are any apartments near Rexall Place for rent." Isabelle said as she already had her boyfriend pulling up the internet on their computer to check.
"Oh that would be wonderful Bells.  I want to be able to sit down and get a rough idea of what I want to do for this job.  I still didn't get all the details but I got the just of it anyway."  Amelie smiled and then said goodbye to her friend as she stopped at a crosswalk and waited for it to change.  She looked down to put her phone back in her bag and when she looked up she was staring into a pair of bright blue eyes.


"Yo dude there she is!" Jordan all of sudden blurted out as he and Taylor were walking down the sidewalk.  He dodged to the other side of Taylor and pointed over Taylor's shoulder towards a curly haired girl talking on her phone and walking down the street directly towards them. 
"Man just go talk to her." Taylor laughed at Jordan's antics as he studied the girl.  She wasn't very tall and was wearing shoes that certainly didn't add to her height.  She had long curly dark brown hair that seemed to be on the verge of uncontrollable.  She wore a pair of glasses that to Taylor actually made her look prettier.  Most girls didn't look good in glasses but this girl seemed to be able to style them perfectly.  He chuckled slightly to himself.  She looked like a modern day nerd.
"I can't! You go. Please! Tell her that I'm still sorry for spilling her drink on her shirt and ask her how her interview went." Jordan hissed in Taylor's ear and then proceeded to dodge around the corner of the building beside them so he was unseen.  Taylor rolled his eyes at his buddy and walked towards the girl who had stopped about 20 feet from him and was in the process of putting her phone back into her purse.
"Hello." Taylor said smiling as the girl jumped and stared up at him with wide eyes.  At least he had the element of surprise going for him.
"Umm hello." Amelie stuttered as she took a small step back from the large blonde haired guy in front of her.  She knew exactly who he was but she wasn't about to let on that she did.
"Listen my friend Jordan who is hiding around the corner of that building by the way, well he just wants to make sure that his mess on your shirt didn't screw up your interview." 
Taylor said trying not to laugh at the girls’ expression as she glanced over where Jordan was peeking out from behind the building.  When she saw him watching she blushed and looked down at her feet.
"No it didn't.  I got the job." Amelie mumbled just barely loud enough for Taylor to be able to hear her.
"Well that’s good to know.  So anyway I know Jordan wanted to know your name.  He has been like Mr. Stalker Man ever since he bumped into you.  Pretty much over obsessive about trying to find out who you were." 
Taylor chuckled.  At least he was getting a laugh at his friends’ expense.
"He was!? Over me?" Amelie burst out before she could stop herself.  She covered her mouth with her hand and stared wide eyed at Taylor. "Oops." She giggled nervously.  Taylor smiled down at her and laughed.
"Yeah you.  When Ebs gets something in his head he can't get it out easily. So maybe if you could give me your name at least he might be able to catch some sleep before game."
"Oh yeah you guys play tonight don't you.  My names Amelie. I hate to run but I have to get back the hotel.  I have some work to do." Amelie said shyly as she went to step around Taylor and cross the street.  She had made it to the other side of the road before Taylor yelled after her.
"Oh yeah my name’s Taylor!" He laughed as she spun around and gave him a big smile.
"I knew that already." Amelie laughed and got up the courage to wave at Jordan who was still peeking around from behind the building before turning and walking on down the street.


"So did you get her name? Did she get the job?" Jordan asked as he stopped beside Taylor who was just turning around.
"Yeah I did, it's Amelie and she got the job.  She seems pretty sweet." Taylor said giving Jordan a smirk especially when Jordan sent him a death glare.
"Don't even think about it Hallsy.  I saw her first." Jordan huffed and started walking towards the condo he shared with Taylor.
"Technically you didn't see her until after you hit her...but you saw her before I did." Taylor finished hurriedly when Jordan turned to give him another glare.
"I can't wait until she starts working at Rexall." Jordan spoke almost to himself.  As they walked down the sidewalk he got a big grin on his face as he said her name in his head. Amelie. It fit her perfectly.

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my story so I could find yours! This is really cute. I have one more chapter to read and then I'll comment again. I love the visual of Jordan peeking out from behind the building - adorbs!